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Best 60 Business Ideas That You Can Start in 2020

Best 60 Business Ideas You Can Start

As everyone keeps searching for new ideas to earn money nowadays, people are in search of business for salary as well as some extra earnings so that their wealth is good. 

I will tell you some business ideas that can become a source of good income for you and if you work on the ideas I have mentioned, then one day you can also create your brand.

Best 60 business ideas that you can start from your home or from a small place, some ideas for which you do not even need to invest too much.

Best 60 Business Ideas That You Can Start in 2020

If you also want to become a successful businessman, you want to create a brand of your own, then please consider my ideas.

01 Bookbinding and printing

To start this business, you do not need much investment. With 10,000 rupees, you can start it. If you have a student area or college area, then you can earn a good income from this business.

02 Sweetshop

Do you like to eat sweets?  Do you know the skill of making sweets, you can turn your skills into a business by opening your own sweet shop, you can start it from home by starting your own YouTube channel.

03 Mobile repair shop

Mobile phone repairing has become a very high business, India has a large number of mobile users and you will need some training in mobile repairing, after that, you can start your own business, it will also give you a good income, 22,000 Will be able to get income up to Rs.

04 Pest control

Paste control is becoming a very good and urgent business. If you start a paste control unit then you will start getting clients after a little marketing and you can serve in offices, houses and make good money. You can also make this business your brand and start an online service.

05 Things related to worship

As you know there are many people related to faith in India. If you start a business related to things related to Puja, then you will start getting a very good income in this business. You can start this business smartly with your brand name. its market has become very big in India.

06 Career guidance

A career counselor is always in demand and there is so much competition in today's education, due to which parents are in search of a career counselor, if you become a counselor then you can have a good income.

07 Recruitment services

Nowadays this business is trending a lot if you start a recruitment agency, then you give an employee search for the company then you get a good commission from the company.

08 Property dealer

Part-time extra earning will prove to be very good for your business, you do not need much investment to start it and in this, you can get good side income according to property dealing.

09 Making fruit jam

The task of making fruit jam can give you a good income. The business of making your jam with a good brand name can be started. From children to adults, they are fond of eating jam, in this business, you will need some workers but You have a good income.

10 Catering business

The business of catering is always in demand and during the wedding season, this business becomes very demanding if you start a food catering business, then you will have to make some investment and you will be able to make good wealth.

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11 Candle making

Best 60 Business Ideas That You Can Start in 2020

The demand for customized candles is always on hold and couples love customized candles, you can start this business from home but you need to learn candle making for it.

12 Papad making 

This is a business that women can start at home, for this, you just need to learn a little bit, after that you can start your business by making different types of papad, gradually you can work with your brand name. And will be able to generate income.

13 Jute bag making

It will require some investment to make jute bags there is a lot of demand in the market for such bags. If you are starting this business, then you have to understand the things related to this business like raw material and design.

14 Pickle making

Pickle making is a task that women at home can start from the comfort of. If you have a good knowledge of pickle making, you can start it, just for this you have to focus on marketing, which will make your pickle a brand.

15 Soap making

By the way, soaps are needed in every household and there are many branded soaps already in the market, but if you start your business with organic and soap, then you have a lot of chance of success as people use natural soaps more. For this, you will need some training, then you can start this business from home.

16 Mobile food van

If you have a good knowledge of snacks and Chinese food and know how to make Chinese food, then you can start your business with a food van, for this, you will have to customize the vehicle as per the requirement and it will become a good source of income.

17 Ironing clothes

Ironing clothes also becomes a demanding business. Its demand is great in all big cities. If you start an ironing shop, it can give you good side income.

18 Courier agency

You will always get income in this business because everyone needs it, you can start this business by taking the franchise of a good company, for this, you will also get training from the company.

19 Tiffin service

Tiffin service is very demanding business these days, women of the house can easily start this business, its demand is very high in big cities, it will also earn you well.

20  Karate instructor

This is such a business from which you can start from home. If you know martial arts, then you can teach others that you will start earning income. Nowadays women are also being given this type of training.

21 Garment business

Nowadays the fashion trend is increasing. If you understand the choice of a new generation and you are thinking of starting a business of clothing, then there is a need to understand its market. If you have more money for investment, then you can start a garment business by taking big brand franchises.

22 Cleaning service

If you can invest a little, then the cleaning service agency can be a good option for you, for this, you will need some labor, after this, you will have to focus on marking. Big companies get help from the agency for cleaning their offices.

23 Plumbing service

If you do not know about this work, you can still start it, with just a little knowledge, you will need to build a team of a good plumber as you can provide your plumbing service in house development or local area. So you will need to do marketing only then you have clients.

24 Organic farming

Organic farming is emerging as a very good business, it is natural, in which no kind of pesticides is added and it is healthy too, if you have land in which you can start farming, then organic farming is a good option for you. Many young people are doing farming smartly and are earning millions.

25 Travel agency

The demand for this type of business is always there, people resort to travel agencies for their holiday plans and it can become a good business for you.

26 Cake making business

Cake making business has been a very demanding business, since always if you have a good knowledge of cake making, then you must start this business, with this you can also run a bakery shop, you can earn more from it.

27 Cricket coaching 

Best 60 Business Ideas That You Can Start in 2020

Cricket is the choice of everyone nowadays, children and youth also like to play cricket. If you have technical knowledge related to cricket and you are a good player, then you can start giving cricket coaching classes, this will also earn you income and you will also be able to fulfill your cricketing hobby. You will also need some space for this.

28 Making wood items

You need a lot of skill to make things related to wood. If you can make new things from wood which attracts the customer, then this business is perfect for you, in this you will get good money too.

29 Toys making business

This work sounds good because it is related to children, but to start it, you have to be very knowledgeable because it also requires investment, if you want to do the business of toys then firstly about Toy Manufacturing Learn it.

30 Pharmacy shop

For this, you will need a professional degree, only then you will be able to start this business, for this, you have to get a certificate from the government. If you complete all these processes then you can start this business, it will give you a very good income.

31 School uniform business

It is a very good business, in this, you will earn well, for this you will have to connect with the schools around you and make a uniform according to their orders, once the schools become your customers, then you will be Will earn a lot of money.

32 Grocery store

This business demands a good amount of money but every household needs it and you start a smart grocery store, you will start getting a good income, for this you will need a good place.

33 Car driving school

You will need a little investment to teach a car and you need a valid license when you complete all these processes so that you can start a driving school.

34 Wedding planner

Nowadays people experiment in new ways at their wedding, for this, they hire a wedding planner who plans the entire wedding and has to plan the wedding according to the client's requirement if you have good planning skills. You should start this business, there is a good possibility of income in this.

35 Dairy product supply 

Dairy products are needed in every household. You can start a supply chain of dairy products like Ghee, Paneer, Milk, Curd, etc. for this you will have to hire a shop.

36 Ac repair service

It is a seasonal business, but its demand increases in the summer, if you have information related to ac, then this business can give you a good income.

37 Fish aquarium 

Best 60 Business Ideas That You Can Start in 2020

It is considered good to have a fish aquarium at home and it is also very good to see that if you start this business then you will also get peace and earn money.

38 Car cleaning station

The business of car washing and cleaning is good. Nowadays, all people need washing to keep their cars clean and new. You can do this kind of business to earn money.

39 Advertisement agency

It is the job of such an agency that it takes advertisements from the company and designs and places billboards on public places, which makes them good earning.

40 Computer center

The computer is a necessity of every household and there is a lot of institute for its training but its demand is very much and you can start your business and make your income.

41 Gym

Nowadays people are very concerned about their fitness and a gym is a good option, if you live in a good area, you can start a gym, you will earn well in a good area and you will get good customers too.

42 Visa consultancy

You can start earning by becoming a Visa Consultant, for this, you need reputed places and people. Visa Consultant helps in applying for a visa and earns well.

43 Packers & Movers Services

Nowadays this business is booming when packers and movers serve them when they move their office or home. You need some investment for this business and you will also have a good income.

44 Car accessories shop

Nowadays, people are very proud of their cars, people find some fancy items in it to make their car look different. To start this business, you have to get good knowledge about it, after that, you can start this business and earn money.

45 Stationery business

There will always be a demand for stationery. Stationery is required in all areas. If you start a stationery business, you will also have to market it. In schools, offices as well as in the local area, you will start supplying it and you will earn very well.

46 Security agency

Before starting this business, it is very important to have training and experience, nowadays, in all the major societies or offices, you need a guard. If you have experience in this business, you can do this job well and start earning.

47 Car rental 

For this business you will need a lot of investment, renting cars to people and charging money according to the kilometer, you have to keep a lot of presence in this business only then you will be able to earn.

48 Uber driver

If you want to do your own business, then you can join the cab provider company, you will have income according to the ride and it is becoming a very simple and demanding business for big cities.

49 car resale business

This business is fully commission based. If you become an old car selling dealer, you get a commission on the sale of the car, which is a very good source of income, you have to hire a shop to start this business for this business. Not much investment is required.

50 Pathology lab

To start this business, you need to have a little knowledge, you can start it by taking franchise of a brand, there is a very famous Dr. Lal Path Labs in India, with which you can start your lab by taking the franchise.

51 Playschool for kids

Best 60 Business Ideas That You Can Start in 2020

This business is a business that is always in demand, a playschool is a good choice for young children, and the earning opportunities in this business are immense. If you have space, according to government guidelines, it can start PlaySchool.

52 Car parking Business

There has always been a problem with parking spaces in big cities. People need a place to park a car and if you have enough space, then you create a parking area in it and will rent that space and you will get a good income.

53 Petrol pump station

If you have free space and have money to invest, then you can apply to open a petrol pump and this will start earning you millions and for this, you will need some training which you will get from the company.

54 Electronics goods

If you have money to invest, then you can open a showroom for electronics items, you will also earn good money in it.

55 Art selling 

You can start this business from home, if you have the skill of painting, then you can get a good income from your paintings. By selling your paintings, you can start a very good income.

56 Poultry farm

The poultry farm is becoming a very good business, for this, you just need Godown where you will be able to start this business, there is no limit to earning in this business.

57 Ladies tailor

This business is very demanding, which women can start from home and there are many earning opportunities in this business, the more unique designing you do, the more customers you will get. 

58 Dance class

You can earn a lot of money by starting dance classes because everyone loves to dance and if you have good dancing skills then you can turn it into a business.

59 Making school bags

The business of making school bags is also a good option, you can start the process of making bags with raw materials and its market is quite big, it also has a lot of earning opportunities.

60 Planting business

Nowadays, everyone gets planting in their home or offices, which increases greenery in their area. If you start a gardening business then you will get many earning opportunities.

The conclusion

In this post, I have told you some of the best business ideas that you can start from home or someplace and you will earn from them, now you can start a business by research about any business according to your understanding.

If you liked this post of mine, then share it with your friends and write your thoughts to me.

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