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Best 10 Franchise Business in India 2020

Best Franchise Business in India 2020

Franchise business is quite a good and simple way to earn money, nowadays most of the people are also making good money by connecting with the brand, but for some people who do not know about this business, today there is a lot in this post so that they can understand the franchise business I will tell you in some categories that you can start a business by taking which franchise.

Franchise Business Definition

 Franchise Business in India

Franchise business means a franchise business where the same brand has different branches and all branches offer the same service. This is called a franchise.

In the business model, if you start a business by taking a franchisee of a brand, then you have to sign the demand fees or security amount for the brand name and the legal policies made by the company, only then you will be able to become the dealer of their brand.

In doing this type of business, you get a lot of benefits such that you do not need to invest to do marketing. You do not need to know more about those products. If you are doing business with a brand, the name of that brand will benefit you a lot because people trust the brand, and your earning opportunities in this business increase because there is a secure business model.

The advantages and disadvantages of the franchise business model discussed.

Benefits of franchise business

  • It is a well-known business model that helps both the company and the dealer increase income.
  • You will get all the important things from the company, which will save you time and you can start the business early.
  • These types of business are less risky for you and have more chances of success.
  • Most people know about a branded company, so you don't need much manpower to do marketing.
  • For this type of business, you can also choose the brand according to your budget and start a business.
  • The company also sees the arrival of goods, for this you do not have to go anywhere.

Losses of franchise business

  • In this type of business, you have to work according to the rules of the company, in which you are not independent.
  • The parent company has more influence on your dealership. You have to take care of the dignity of the company.
  • When you start a franchise business, you have to pay some percentage of the profit of your sale to the parent company, all of which may vary by company.
  • In this type of business, you only have the freedom to keep the products of the parent company. You cannot sell the goods from any other company.

Let us now look at the franchise business that you can start with a little money.

01. Beauty products & salon

Beauty related items are always in demand, there can be good ways to earn in this business. You can start this business by taking a franchisee of a big brand, there is more possibility of growing this business.
Louis unisex salon
Investment Cost:                   05 Lacs -10 Lacs
Lakme Products 
Investment Cost:                   50 Lacs-60 Lacs

02. Footwear

The demand for shoes will never decrease. Many big brands like  Bata, Adidas, Puma, Relaxo, etc. are working in this business. If you also want to do footwear related business, then you can apply these brands for the franchise.

Investment cost of Relaxo          20 lacs-30 lacs
Investment cost of Adidas          30 lacs-50 lacs
Investment cost of Puma            30 lacs-50 lacs

All these figures are taken from the franchise

03. Optical store

Nowadays, all people need glasses and many brands have come on the market which is related to this business, you can start a business by joining these brands as well.

Investment cost of Titan's eye plus       30 lacs-35 lacs
Investment cost of Lenskart                  25 lacs-30 lacs

04. Apparel and clothing

Everyone is fond of branded clothes, most of the people like to wear branded clothes, there is a lot of growth in this business.
You can also do this business with some big brands.

Investment cost of Fisrtcry                  20 lacs
Investment cost of Biba                       30 lacs-50 lacs
Investment cost of Cobb                      30 lacs-35 lacs

05. Personalized toys shop

 Franchise Business in India

Toys are very important for children and this business is becoming a very good tool, earning more opportunities in the business. You too can start your wealth by starting this business.

Investment cost of Khilonewala library         03 lacs-05 lacs
Investment cost of Toyhouse                          01 lacs-02 lacs                      

06. Ayurvedic and homeopathic Store

This type of business is always in demand because it is related to the basic needs of the people. There is a lot of earning opportunities in the market. Many brands in the market offer franchises to start a store.

Investment cost of Patanjali             07 lacs-15 lacs
Investment cost of Dr. Batra             20 lacs-30 lacs

07. Courier agency

This business does not require a lot of investment, many big companies in the market offer franchises to open a Courier shop, you do not need much space for this business and you will get a good commission in it.
You can start your business by taking franchises of popular courier companies like DTDC, DHL, First Flight, Blue Dart, etc.

Investment cost of Blue Dart           02lacs-05 lacs
Investment cost of DTDC                 02lacs-03 lacs

08. Pre-school franchise

 Franchise Business in India

The school-related business has always been beneficial. The pre-school business related to children has grown a lot in the last few years and the earning opportunities in this business are also very high. If you are thinking of opening a pre-school, let me tell you some good brand names.

Investment cost of Kidzee                                            10lacs-12 lacs
Investment cost of Bachpan play school                      10lacs-12 lacs

09. Food franchise 

People in India are fond of food and most of the people are earning a good income by trading food items.
There are many branded food-related businesses in the market, you can also start earning good by joining them.
For this, you will need space and will have to invest a lot of money on it.
Some big foreign brands like Pizza Hut, Mc Donald, KFC, etc. all these brands provide their franchises.

Investment cost of Pizza Hut                        14 lacs
Investment cost of KFC                                01 Cr
Investment cost of Dosa Plaza                      25 lacs-35 lacs

10. Icecream parlor

Investing in an ice cream parlor can be a very good option, it has more earning opportunities and you don't need much space for it.
There are very big brands like Amul, Vadilal, etc. in the market.
According to the investment, Amul's ice cream parlor would be a good option to invest in

Investment cost of Amul Icecream Parlor               02lacs-05 lacs
Investment cost of Mother Dairy                             05lacs-10 lacs
Investment cost of Amul Icecream Parlor               02lacs-05 lacs

Important points before considering the franchise

  • Before taking Franchisee, see how much is the security fee of the parent company and what is their return policies.
  • Understand all the rules and terms mentioned by the parent company and read all their policies carefully.
  • See also Franchisee time limit.
  • Before joining any brand, it is also important to see that in the market What is his brand value, how many people follow that brand also, read the history of the brand you are connecting with?
  • If you are starting a business with a franchise, it is very important to see how much profit you will have to share with the parent company.
  • You have to see how much competition is there in the market with the brand you are starting to work with, where are the products getting their place in the market.

The conclusion

In this post of mine, I told you about some business related to Franchisee, what are the things you need to take care of before starting this business.
If you want to become a successful businessman and are thinking of starting a business with a franchisee of a big brand, then you have to keep these things in mind and you will surely get success.
If you liked my post Franchise Business in India, then write to me your thoughts and share this post with your friends and follow my blog.

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