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12 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas In 2020

Agriculture Business Ideas In India

India has been an agricultural country and agriculture is also very large in India. The agricultural market is growing very fast and many startups and youth are taking agriculture to new heights and earning very well every month.

The agricultural sector gets a lot of facilities from the government, but the farmers are not able to get these facilities, due to which the farmer has to take a loan and the farmer does not get benefit from farming due to lack of knowledge of the use of technology.

Agriculture Business Ideas
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In our country, farmers are not well aware of the changes in agriculture, nor are the technical methods used, due to which the farmer does not get benefits in farming.

In the last few years, interest in agriculture has increased among the youth, who are making a profit by doing smart farming.

In today's post, we will talk about business related to the agriculture sector.

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List of 12 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas 

01. Fruit juice processing unit

Everyone likes to drink fresh fruit juice and it is also very beneficial for health.
You can start a fruit juice unit and by taking fresh fruits directly from the fields, you can extract the juice and pack it well and start selling it in the market.

In the initial phase, you do not need much investment; even with a little investment, you can start a fruit processing unit and in case of increased demand, you can also start other fruit juice.
Organic fruit juice will attract people to your business.

02. Pesticide production unit

The pesticide production unit is proving to be a good option for making money, pesticides are used for farming and to protect the crop from pests. A variety of chemicals are used to make pesticides.
Before starting a pesticide unit, you have to study all the information related to it.

03. Milk farming unit

Business-related to dairy products has always been in demand, all the milk-related goods are needed in every household and the market of India is very big.

You can earn money by starting a unit of milk-related items like ghee, cheese, cream, yogurt, etc. If you want to earn money by joining with a big brand, then you can start a business by taking the franchise of a good brand and make money from it.

04. Spice making unit

India is full of delicious cuisines, food from different cultures is found in every state, and spices are very important to make any food tasty.
Naturally prepared spices are in high demand. Spices are the life of any food, food without spices does not taste delicious.

Spices are in great demand in the domestic market. To start a spice business, you will need to arrange a spice grinding machine and an attractive looking packing machine. In the initial stage, investment is not much.

05. Flower farming business

Floriculture is very good business. Temples in India are a big market for flowers and flowers are used in large quantities in Indian weddings and there is a great demand for flowers in India. Used for decoration

If you have land for cultivation, then you can start floriculture, for this you will have to emphasize the cultivation of flowers which are in high demand in the market.

06. Fisheries

The fisheries business is done in large quantities in India and other countries, you will find fish markets in every state of India.
You need to know about this before starting a fisheries business. For this, you can start a fishery business with clear water in a pond.
Investment in fisheries business is not high and profit is high.

07. Flour mill unit

The flour grinding business is less investment and has more earning opportunities, flour mill units can be started in big cities and for this, you will have to hire a shop
With this type of business, you can also start a pulse grinding unit, a one-time investment will always earn you money.

08. Agricultural equipment rental service

Agriculture Business Ideas
Image by PublicDomainImages from Pixabay 

The business of renting agricultural products is quite an investment but in a rural area, you can give such business by earning a lot. Farmers need many types of equipment for their farming, which they cannot afford, so they do their farming with rented equipment.

Before starting an agricultural equipment rental business, make sure to assess the investment and the earnings from it.

09. Organic farming business

Organic farming business is in constant demand, people mostly want to use food grown by natural means to eat, in such a situation it would be beneficial for you to start an organic farming business, for this you must know about organic farming because Organic farming is done naturally and does not use any kind of pesticides.

10. Poultry farm

The poultry business is very profitable and there is more investment in it. In this expenditure, you can start rearing animals like poultry, birds, duck, etc. which can help in egg production as well as the meat business.

For poultry farming, it is very important to have an animal husbandry environment so that your farming can be good.

11. Frozen chicken business

The business of frozen chicken remains in great demand, in this type of business you have to collect and sell the chicken by packing it well.
Packing of chicken is special so that the freshness of the chicken will remain intact. You have to understand all the investments to start this business.

12. Farming equipment trade

The business of selling equipment related to farming can be profitable. In the initial stages, you need to know about all the tools related to farming only if you start in this business.
Farmers in the village continue to need equipment for farming and you should start this business from the village itself.


In today's post, you were told about agricultural business ideas, if you are thinking of starting your business by reading these businesses, you will get more information related to agriculture and complete information about the market related to agriculture Need to get.

As I knew, I have shared with all of you, if you liked my post, write me your thoughts and share this post with your friends.

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