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Top 25 Food Related Business Plans 2020

 25 Best Food Business Ideas In India 2020

Are you fond of cooking? Do you want to start a food business, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

Before starting any food business you need to know about the market associated with it. In India, people are fond of different types of food, every state gets to eat food related to their culture.

There has been a lot of change in food items in the past few times and the business related to food has started very fast in big cities.

There have also been a lot of startups that are earning millions of rupees by starting a food business.

If you are thinking about starting this food business then you will get a lot of ideas in this post.
To start a good quality food business, you must take care of all the safety regulations related to food.

Food Business Ideas
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Let us talk about some easy and low investment and some minimum investment food trade.

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Best food-related business ideas

01. Popcorn and wafer making

People of all ages love to eat popcorn and wafer. Many big companies sell ingredients to make instant popcorn which we can cook and eat at home.
If you are thinking of starting this business, then you will have to take complete information about it, understand its processing and also have to work hard in its marketing.

02. Start a restaurant

Starting your restaurant is quite a challenge because in the beginning you have to do a lot of work and at the same time you should also have good cooks, only then you will be able to run a successful restaurant.

If you want to start a restaurant by joining with a brand, then many brands in the market offer their franchises.

You can start this business with Franchisee too, your investment in it will be much higher, and earning opportunities will be more.

03. Fruit and Vegetable Retail Store

It is a very basic food business and this type of business
You will get to see everywhere, but with this, you can start a big store in which you can also sell items used every day. To start a large store and set it up well you will need to invest a lot more.

04. Bakery products

You can start a bakery business from home or you can start this business in a shop, for this, all the process of making a bakery Has to understand.

05. Food delivery service

In the recent past, a lot of startups have started that have brought food items from restaurants to people's homes and this business will grow rapidly in the coming time.

If you want to start an online food delivery service, for this you will have to create a website and connect with your nearby restaurants and you will have to work hard to make this business grow slowly, this business fully depends on commission.

06. Catering service

Catering services are in great demand in major cities. People need good caterers for any of their tasks if you have the skills of this business and you can accept all the challenges of this business as per people's choice.
Therefore the catering services business can be a good way for you to earn money.

07. Grain processing unit

To start a rice mill or flour mill, you will need to invest a lot and at the same time, you must have full knowledge if you live in a place where you can contact the farmers directly and get the raw material. So you can start making money by starting this business.

08. Chocolate making business

Everyone likes to eat chocolate. People of all ages like to eat chocolate. The annual business of chocolate in India is in Billions. There are many types of chocolate making companies in the market. If you know about making chocolate then you can make it from home. You can start and promote your business by creating a brand of your own.

09. Tea & Coffee Business

It may sound a bit strange to hear, but do you know that there are many big brands selling tea and coffee in the market which are earning millions of rupees.
If you start this business smartly, with a good environment where you can give people seating and also you can make many types of tea and coffee, which will get you many customers and make you a good wealth.

You can also start this business with a franchisee of a big brand, for this, you will need a lot of investment.

10. Online cooking channel

Nothing can be a better business for women at home. If you are fond of cooking and know how to cook a variety of dishes, then by starting an online YouTube channel you can tell people about cooking and earn money sitting at home.

11. Cake & Dessert Shop

Food Business Ideas
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Cake and sweets business is very popular. These foods are needed at every occasion of happiness. If you want to start this business then you must have skilled craftsmen and have a good grip in the market.
You start this business and earn money.

12. Food truck

The food truck business is fairly new and in big cities, the business is more likely to succeed. You have to invest a little as per your requirement and customize a food truck and start this business with a range of good dishes.

13. Food blogging

Blogging is a simple and easy way to earn money sitting at home. You do not even need to invest in it. If you are a food lover and you like to eat fresh new dishes then you can start writing a food blog and write your thoughts to people.

14. Sauce making business

Chutney serves to make any dish tastier and many types of sauces are prevalent in the market, which is used to make different dishes.
If you want to start a sauce making factory, for this you have to start with a brand name so that people trust your work and you get more customers.
To start this business, you have to be trained, through online you can also learn to make sausage.

15. Chinese food corner

Eating Chinese is very popular among teenagers and young people, who also like this type of food item. If you do not have the skills to make Chinese food, you can start this business by modifying Chinese food vans with the help of artisan. Reach more customers, you can start this business in front of a college or school.

16. Organic food

If you have fertile land and know all the things related to farming, then you can start a business of organic farming, this type of farming does not use any kind of chemicals. Organic farming is done naturally and you need to study it thoroughly before starting it.

17. Frozen food business

The demand for frozen food is growing very fast in the market and many big brands have started this business. If you also want to start a business related to frozen food, then you need to know about it because it is related to food. And you have to pay attention to the packing of good quality so that food does not deteriorate for a long time.

Before starting a business, fully understand the market and gather complete information about this business.

18. Mushroom farm

The Mushroom Farm business is very attractive. In the past, many youths have started startups related to Mushroom Farm and today they are making money in millions. If you want to start this business, then you need to do a lot of research about it. Only then you will be able to run a successful mushroom farm business.

19. Jam and jelly making

You can start a jam and jelly making business from home, for this you will need fresh fruits and after a few days of training, you can start a jam-making business. If you want to become a successful professional then you can start with your brand name.
Jams are used with people's morning snacks and also in children's tiffins

20. Papad making

The papad making business can be started from home and you can start making many types of papad and promote your papad at the shops near you.
Initially, you can make it from home, later when you become a successful entrepreneur, you can set up a papad making unit.

21. Ice-cream parlor

Food Business Ideas
Image by Jared Soto from Pixabay 

There is a demand for ice cream in every season and ice cream stalls are placed at any function or weddings.

If you want to earn money by starting your ice cream making unit, then you can start this business and make different types of ice cream and sell it in the market.
And if you can invest a little, then you can start an ice cream parlor by taking Franchisee from a big brand.
Ice cream Parlor's Franchise starts at Rs 2 lakh.

22. Dairy product

Milk, yogurt, ghee, paneer, cream, etc. are all things that are needed in every household and are seen crowd daily in the morning at the dairy shops. If you want to start this business, then you can take a brand Franchisee Can start a business.

23. Pickle making business

Pickle is a dish that enhances its taste with food and the demand for pickles is being seen in the country and abroad.
To start this business, you should start making pickles using some new method and also use your brand name so that your pickle business will grow worldwide.

24. Grocery store

With the needs things of the home being available at one place, customers come in large numbers, so that you earn a good income. If you open a smart grocery store, then you will need to invest a lot more.

Give good delivery service to your customer, fulfill their order online, offer to the customer so that you get more customers.

25. Nutritional products

The business of nutrition and protein-related products are very popular and earning is also good. Most people are conscious about their health and prefer to keep themselves fit for which they go to the gym and exercise if you are also involved with nutrition. If you want to start a business, then you must have all the information related to it and also gather information about the investment to be made in it.

The conclusion

In today's post, I shared with you some ideas about Food Business Ideas through which you can make money by starting a business. Before starting any business, it is necessary to understand the investment and all the processes related to it.
How did you like my post, share my thoughts, and share it with your friends.

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