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Start a Roadside Assistance Business In 2020

How To Start Roadside Assistance Business In 2020?

Roadside Assistance is a very good and successful business, the basic objective of this business is to reach people whose car or any vehicle stops on the road for a bad reason. An example to understand in simple language is that if a person's car stops on the road and there are no mechanic facilities nearby, the owner of the car on the road seeks the help of an on-road support agency.

As the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing these days and opportunities in road aided business are also increasing rapidly. It is very important to have a skilled mechanic to fix the vehicle on the road.

In today's post, we will talk about starting a roadside assistance business.
Many people get frustrated after a break down the car on the road because they do not have the means to fix the car at that time, the business of starting a car repair agency on the road is very profitable and high Earning business.

In this post, we will understand more about how to start this business.

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Start a Roadside Assistance Business
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Common problems where roadside assistance is required on the roads.

  • Changing punctured or torn car tires
  • Fueling the vehicle
  • Heating vehicle fix
  • If the vehicle breaks down, get help from a mechanic
  • Loading vehicle in case of an accident
In such a situation, if someone takes the facility to fix a vehicle on the road, then you can ask for a certain amount from him.

If you are interested in starting a roadside assistance business, then in today's post, you will get a lot of help so that you will understand how to start this business.

Study the market first

If you are new in this business and you do not have experience related to it, then first study the market related to this business, understand everything you need in this business, see your competitor and think differently from them.

Also study the market to see what challenges you will face starting this business, how much you will benefit from this business, how to do this business, what means you will need, and how much money you will have to invest. All of these aspects have to be closely understood. You will complete this study by preparing a report which will help you in starting a business.

Create a business master plan

The market analysis report will guide you according to your requirement for this business plan. Some important points for business planning.

  • Necessary steps to start your business
  • Business overview
  • Resources needed
  • Manpower requirement
  • Investment required
  • Business challenges
  • Procedure to follow
  • Return on investment
Almost all businesses are required to prepare such a business plan before starting a business. This gives you the right guidance and after starting a business you do not have to face any kind of difficulties.

Choose your area of expertise

Before starting your own business, choose your niche as per your specificity. Below is an example of some such areas:

  • Light Truck Towing Service
  • Garage service
  • Roadside assistance service
  • Passenger Car Towing Service
  • Two-wheeler towing facility
These are some common services that require a passer-by on the road. If you are new to this business and do not have much money to invest, then start this business with one of your business expertise. If you have a limited budget, you choose low-cost business expertise.

Observe market competition

Knowing how much competition there is before starting your business is very important. If you are starting a business that has a lot of competition then you have to do that business with more struggle.

To compete with your competitor, you have to think differently from them. People in your business have to start with more convenience and less money, only then you will be able to compete with your competitors in the market.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the kind of service you want to give in your business, because every competitor will not be able to provide all the facilities, in such a situation, you choose a system in which you get more benefits and the opponent is also less in number.

To provide help on the road, you can connect with people through a helpline number and understand the problem of the passer-by phone and send your mechanic to the passer.

Choose your business location

Start a Roadside Assistance Business
Photo by Malte Luk from Pexels

Choose a place for your office from where you can reach customers easily. Start a road support service in a place where there is less competition, except for a competitive location. In this case, you have to struggle less.

Roads that are newly constructed, where there is a lack of road support facilities, you should choose such a place and also provide good facilities to the passers-by. In addition to choosing a good place, you have to prepare a good office from where you can run your business and people should reach you and also you have to reach people with their good service so that people have confidence in your work.

Requirements for your roadside assistance business

As you are in the idea of ​​starting a road assistance business, you have to assess everything you need such as manpower, fuel, vehicles, mechanical equipment, mobile vehicles, etc.

Customer Care Center

You can create a customer service center in which you can start a helpline number as well as create a mobile app in which you can give the customer information related to your business and solve the problem of the passers-by. The better customer service you get, the better response you will get in the market and your customer count will increase.

Mobile vehicle

When you receive an order from the customer, you will need a mobile vehicle to help the customer, which is full of fuel, mechanical equipment, manpower, etc. You can also use an ordinary vehicle such as a van to help the customer.

In the initial phase, you will not have many mobile vehicles as you will not have a lot of money to invest but if you use more than one vehicle you will be able to get road support to more than one customer at a time.
It will also be beneficial in creating customers for your business, for this, you will need manpower and skilled mechanics.

Tools and equipment

If you do not have information about the purchase of equipment, then you can buy equipment with the help of a skilled mechanic. If you want to buy two vehicles and lace them with equipment, then you have to take the help of a skilled mechanic for this. If you are starting a road assistance facility of a car or bike, then you will have to buy equipment associated with these vehicles.

Towing vehicle

A towing vehicle is a vehicle used in a situation when no other vehicle is capable of moving on its own. In the event of an accident, such a towing vehicle is also used to tie the vehicle. To get a towing vehicle, you will need to take a small tempo or truck, although the investment is more.

Mechanic and manpower required

Having a skilled mechanic is very important for this business. If you provide a road support facility to a customer, then you must select a skilled mechanic for this task and ask your customer for his feedback so that you can make more progress in the business.

You have to select a skilled mechanic who can fix all types of vehicles like cars, bikes, buses, trucks, etc. Choosing a skilled mechanic can be a difficult task, but if you want to do something good, you must work hard at it.

Start by yourself or get a franchise?

You can do this business with your brand or you can start with a brand franchise. If you start a business with your brand, you are entitled to whatever money you earn.

Secondly, if you start this business with Franchise, then your business model is prepared by the Franchise Company. The problems that come in the initial stage can also be reduced by the company. Getting new in the business is fraught with many problems, so you can consider the option of the franchise.

A Franchisee model helps you in building your business and at the same time, there are certain limitations in it for you which are decided by the management. This model will be a bit expensive but you can start a business with a good brand. Will be able to take advantage.

Register your business

You have to get your business registered so that people will trust your business and get service from you. Getting your business registered will also build your brand. If you want to take your business to other places and expand the business, then you will need to get a registered certificate.

Knowledge of financial requirements

You have to get complete information about the financial investment in the business and to meet the financial requirements you can take a loan from the bank or you can attract another investor to fund your business.

Return on investment

If you pay more attention to the initial days of business, then it will not be right for your business. In the beginning, you will have to focus more on marketing your business.

You can give your brand advertisements on such apps or online platforms and social media channels, where you will be able to reach more people and you can also do this by getting banner posters or hoardings installed.

In the beginning, you will have to focus more on marketing your business so that you can make a profit in the future. Work harder in the early days to reach more customers and expand your business in smart ways.

At the beginning of the business, you should pay attention to providing more service so that your customers are connected to you and they have confidence in your business, do not think about making a profit at the beginning of the business.


Today I gave you information about Roadside Assistance Business and also shared my thoughts about all the important things related to this business. If you are thinking about starting this business, then my article will be a guide for you.

If you liked my post and liked the information given by me, write to me with your thoughts and share this post with your friends.

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