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How to start a Money Making Blog in 2020

What is Blog

A blog is a content on the Internet that is read or viewed by other users, which contains some information for the users and is created by the blogger.

How to start a blog
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Whatever information is written in the blog is written by the blogger, which is called a blog post or article.

Blogging refers to the things bloggers do in their blog such as regularly putting good content in the blog to reach the people, share it so that people get information according to their needs.

What Is Blogging

If you are disappointed with your boring job and want to do some interest then you can start blogging, in this blog I will tell you how you can start a blog. Many people quit their jobs and started blogging and today they are earning a good income by becoming a successful blogger.

If you also want to start blogging, then this article of mine can guide you.

There are two forms of blogging

1 Hobby Blogging

2 Professional Blogging

Hobby Blogging

This is such blogging in which people share their interest with any of their experiences, they have no income in this.

Professional Blogging

The same professional blogging means that bloggers make income or their wealth from their blog, it is like doing a business of their own so that they earn a good income. If you also want to earn money from blogging, then I will tell you about professional blogging.

What is Affiliate Marketing

How to Start Professional Blogging

Become passionate and work hard

If you want to earn money by becoming a successful blogger, then you will also have to work hard for it, you will have to do daily work on your blog, you will always have to keep doing something new, only then you will be able to become a successful blogger.

Pick a niche for your blog success

The first step to becoming a successful blogger is that you choose a good niche in which you have an interest and you like to write about it, you also need to be aware of the niche in which you do have interest in which people who Let's select a niche for her blog.
If you want to earn money from your blog, then define the location of your blog.
When you have selected your niche, you can start blogging.

Choose a name for the blog

Do not waste much time in selecting the name of your blog, you can also keep a short and a name related to your blog, keep a name that is easy to read and remember.

Your blog's name can be the brand name of your blog if you become a successful blogger.

If you are not able to select any name, then you can start a blog with your name too, just add your niche with your name.

Choose a platform for your blog

To start blogging on the Internet, one of the most commonly used things is and the other is WordPress. You have to select a platform for yourself before you start blogging.

Find a Best Web Hosting Plan and Domain Name

Web Hosting: If you write any content on your blog and publish it on the Internet, then you must have web hosting. Web hosting means that the website/blog you create has found a place in the Internet world. For this, you have to get web hosting, it is also called a web server.

Domain Name: Simply put, it means that the name that people search on the Internet, such as,, is the domain.

Write Blog Posts Daily

How to Start Blog
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After starting the blog, you have to write some content every day that is related to your blog niche, which people like to read, try to write unique content, write as good and simple as you can and update the blog daily.

Promote Your Blog

If you want to earn money from blogging, for this you have to promote your blog, for this, you have many ways.

Promote your blog with your social media account

Make a video and promote the blog with YouTube

Write a comment on other blogs, share your blog link with them

Most importantly, if you want to bring traffic to the blog from the Internet, for this you need to get information about SEO (search engine optimization) through which you can bring traffic to your blog.

Monetize Your Blog

Whenever a professional starts blogging, his main objective is to make money from blogging, let me tell you, but for this, you first need to pay attention to how many ideas are coming to your blog.

Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing These are two very easy ways to make money from blogging, I have written a post on Affiliate Marketing, you can see what Affiliate Marketing is.

To make money from blogging, you have to be passionate and through your blog, you have to connect with people, only then you can become a successful blogger and you can make a career in blogging.

The conclusion

I told you in this post what a blog is and how you can start a blog and what you need for it. If you liked this post of mine, then you must write to me about your idea and share this post with your friends.

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