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Start a Profitable Furniture Rental Business in 2020

How To Start a Furniture Rental Business

Nowadays all the youngsters keep thinking about starting their own business more than the job but they start the business many times and fail and their business is not able to make money so that most of the youth are frustrated and forced to do the job again.

This means that to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to understand the needs of people and keep information about market activities.

In today's post, we will talk about the business of renting furniture.

The business of renting furniture looks great and the demand for such business is increasing in metro cities. Furniture for any house such as sofa, bed, table, almirah, chair, etc. are all necessities and these things will always be needed in the house. Different types of furniture are available in the market and some people can buy this furniture for their home and some people are not able to buy expensive furniture but by renting it for some time, they enhance the pride of their home.

Many people go to cities for jobs, apart from jobs, they have many other problems such as house requirements such as beds, sofas, tables, etc.
You can also return it after some time by using rented furniture.

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Start a Furniture Rental Business
Image by Amarjit Singh from Pixabay 

On the one hand, where rapid job opportunities have increased in the cities and a large number of people migrated to the cities, they did not have enough money to live and supply the things related to the need.
Seeing the needs of the people, many new entrepreneurs started many types of startups, one of them started the business of renting furniture, which made the furniture available to the people according to their needs.

We will understand how to start a furniture rental business in a few easy steps.

Market research

Every new venture depends on the activities of the market. It is necessary to have a good knowledge of the market related to your business. Before starting a business, it is necessary to see what new entrepreneurs are working in the market in your competition. It helps you develop a competitive strategy and gives you a chance to understand more things for your business.

The more you learn about your competitors, the more you will learn to start your business better than them. You have to target such places for your business that are settling in, new people are coming or new companies are starting who need furniture for their office.

These types of people can be your good customers because companies keep shifting and they want to avoid having to shift their furniture every time. That's why most people resort to rented furniture.

Choose your niche

There are many forms of furniture, you have to see which furniture you will start your business with.
You can start your work in any furniture category but before that, you have to see what kind of furniture is in demand in the market.

Let me give you an example
  • Home furniture
  • Office-related furniture
  • School-related furniture
  • kids related furniture
  • Luxury furniture 
When you start your business by choosing your niche, then you will get more chances to succeed and once your business is successful, you can start in other furniture categories and earn money.

Create a furniture business plan

If you do not know about the furniture business, then you can take the help of people who are already doing this business and are making money, meet people, and know the market so that you can build confidence and thus Be able to prepare yourself to do business.

Meet the people and know-how you will supply the furniture. You are connected to a dealer who has a large amount of furniture available so that you can make the furniture available to the customer directly to the dealer.

Think about the delivery of the furniture to the customer, but buying such a large vehicle can be very expensive in the initial stage, so you can make the delivery of the furniture by the rented vehicle to the customer.

You will also need a carpenter. You can make some light furniture with their help because the furniture is going to be used frequently, so to keep it new you always have to polish it so that the furniture can last for a long time.

List your expected initial costs

Before starting your business, get information about every investment made in it, prepare a business plan according to your budget, keep some money separately because even after starting the business, a lot of investment is required.

For a furniture business, you will need a much larger space. In the beginning, you will need to rent a Godown and keep some furniture samples, later you can connect with second-hand furniture merchants and make them available to people directly through them.

Assess all your investments like carpenter, wood goods, polish, warehouse, and vehicles, etc. You have to invest in these things, so it is necessary to assess things.

You also have to take care of the investment that will be made in marketing this business, if you consider all these things before starting a business, you can become a successful businessman.

In a spreadsheet, access all the investments made in this business and also keep a budget for the expenses in the coming months.

Meet your legal requirements

Before starting any of your business, it is necessary to get that business legally registered by the government, following the rules of the government, you start the business. If your business is registered by the government, then people's trust will build on you, which will increase your customers.

Choose a good office location for your work

It is very important to have an office at a good location, which will attract the customer to your side, select the office according to your need. Having a good office is very important to establish your brand in the market. 

If you are thinking of starting a category home furniture business, start your office in the middle of the residential community, this will help you reach customers.

If you are thinking of starting a business related to office furniture, then you should set up your office in a place where companies are easy to come to you.

Set furniture price

Start a Furniture Rental Business
Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay 

Now you have to determine the price according to the category of your furniture. If the customer comes to you for rent, then you have to pay the fees related to the security of the furniture and rent of the furniture and the furniture delivered to the place mentioned by the customer. Rent if any damage occurs at the time of the return of furniture, then recover the fine from the customer

Keeping all these things in mind, determine the value of your furniture and also keep in mind that you should provide furniture at a lower price than your competitors' prices in the market.

Logistics services

To fulfill the customer's order and transport the furniture to your home, you will have to enlist the help of logistic service as you will not have your vehicle in the initial stage, in which case you can get delivery from the rented vehicle You can add the rent to the customer's bill.

In this type of service, your furniture is completely safe because logistics companies give you a team of skilled people. In the initial phase of business, you must take such service, which will keep your furniture safe and will have a good effect on customers.

Create a portal to store furniture details

If you are starting a new startup, then save the details related to your furniture in an online portal so that the customer gets all the information related to the furniture easily. With this portal, you will be able to keep track of all the activities like tracking furniture, sending furniture related reminders to the customer, etc. With this kind of portal, you will be able to run your business easily. In such a portal, you will be able to keep information about furniture stocks and their database.

With the help of your portal, customers will be able to get information about all the furniture you are providing and will also be able to order online, which will give your business a boost.

You will be able to store all your orders and customer history with the help of this portal so that in the future you can get all the information related to customers, you can also share customer views. With the help of this portal, you can also bill of orders made by customers through online mail, and you will also have a firm record of the bill. 

You can provide online payment facilities to customers so that the customer can give you money safely and easily. With the help of this kind of portal, you will get benefit from keeping all the information related to furniture in one place and your business will run smoothly.

Rental Agreement

Before delivering the furniture to the customer, you have to explain all the agreements related to it as it is the rented furniture and the customer does not have it, so you have to complete all the procedures related to the furniture. 

Such an agreement would cover the use of furniture and the damage it would cause.

You have to take care of the following things like the name of the renter, the details of the goods given on the rent, fees related to the safety of the furniture, the period of rent of furniture, loss and return period, etc.
In this way, you have to prepare the agreement draft.

Market your startup

Provide information about your startup to people so that people know about your startup and reach more and more customers. Continually market your startup to make a niche in the market and target as many people as possible.

Today's era is digital and the internet can be a very good medium to promote your business, do internet marketing to reach more people, and bring new offers to customers.

Create a website and give your business a place on the Internet so that people can easily get information about your business.

Use paid advertisements so that more people will get information about your business.

Promote your business with the help of your family and friends by asking people to join your business on social sites.

When you have a good number of customers, then you will be able to earn a significant amount of money from the furniture renting business.


In today's article, I told you how to start a furniture rental business, if you start this business then you will work hard in it And you will surely get success.

According to myself, I have guided you to start this business, yet you should collect more information related to it and start this business with dedication.
If you liked this post of mine, then write to me with your thoughts and share this post with your friends.

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