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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What Is SEO?

Everyone is a little nervous about SEO and how it works, SEO is an important thing for everyone who runs their website/blog because if someone wants to get their website/blog on the first page of Google If you want to rank, it is very important to do their SEO. If your article is according to SEO settings then it becomes easy for Google to search and crawl your article, for this SEO is necessary. SEO (search engine optimization) is also called.

What is SEO

To have a good SEO, you need to plan keywords in your article because when someone searches a keyword in Google or any other search engine, Google crawls all the content related to that word and optimizes the SEO pages. The page shows us on the first page of Google, it shows that SEO has been done well in these pages, due to which more visitors come to that blog and the blog becomes famous.
SEO helps to rank the pages of our blog in Google's first rank
When Google makes your website/blog appear on the first page then traffic on your site increases and traffic is very important to make a blog website famous. To learn SEO, you have to understand the techniques of SEO.

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Why SEO Is Important

In my article written above, you must have understood something about SEO, now you know a little more about SEO settings. Suppose if you are a blogger and you have started a blog and you are writing a lot of unique content in your blog. But if that content will go in the eyes of people, otherwise you will not get traffic on your blog.

If we do not do SEO for our blog then our blog website will not rank in Google nor will we get traffic and people will not be able to access our blog.

Understanding SEO is very important so that you can rank your blog on the first page of Google and bring traffic. SEO is an important part of any website or blog to be successful.

As soon as you start doing SEO, you will have to keep a little patience for its result.

Most of the people come to the Internet to find answers to their problems, in such a way, the links that appear in the top rank of Google, the visitor visits them only in such a way, if you have done your SEO well for your blog or website, then you will get more visitors. Chances are increased and the visitors also share your links on their social media so that your blog does not have much difficulty in becoming famous.

Types Of SEO

You have already understood how important SEO is to get your blog or website ranked in Google, now you know how SEO is.


On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is related to designing your blog or website, how are you designing your blog and is it according to the SEO settings,

On-page SEO you have to keep in mind, as I will tell you below, when you write your article on-page SEO, you will get easy ranking in Google.

1. Website Speed: While preparing your blog, you have to keep in mind that when you publish your blog, your page load should not take much time because Visitor's Attract is considered an important part of your website.

To test the speed of the website, you will find many tools on Google, by which you can check the speed of the website.

Many people access the internet from mobile, you have to keep in mind that your website or blog should be mobile friendly so that the visitor gets a good experience.

2. Title Tag: Make The title tag of your website such that the visitor goes to your website after reading the title tag, this is the first step of your website, this also increases the clicks on your website.

3. Internal Linking: It is very important to do internal linking on your page so that your related articles will also be ranked which will make it easier to rank in Google.

4. Images: While writing in your blog, make sure to apply images related to your post, which will improve your on-page SEO as it will make you easier to rank.

5. Heading: Before starting your article, you have to keep in mind that starting with your main heading, you have to take care of your article headings which will make your article easy to rank.
SEO is important in the heading article.

6. Content: Before writing an article, you have to keep your topic in mind, the more content you write, the more chances of getting ranking in Google, but you have to take care that your content should not be copy-paste as much as possible.

7. Keyword: Choosing keywords is one of the most important parts of writing articles. Before selecting keywords, you have to see which keywords are getting more searches from Google, you should also use those keywords and you have to take care of the placement of the keywords as well. So that your keywords rank in Google search highlights your focus keywords also.

8. Search Description: Before writing a blog, write a search description to help you understand which topic is mentioned in your blog.

9. Keyword Density: When writing an article, use your focus keyword in the middle of your article, which will make it easier for Google to do your article, but you also have to keep in mind that the focus keyword is not overused, it will be a bad thing for you. Effect on an article.

Here I told you some techniques related to some on-page SEO. If you use them in your blog article, then you will be easy to get ranked in Google.

Off-Page SEO

When you have to write your article in full, after that you need an off-page SEO to reach your people, there are important points that can help you understand it.

1. Submit Url: When you write an article, you have to get it indexed in Google's search so that Google can crawl your site, for this you can use Google console.

2. Social Media: You can also use your social media platforms, as you know, everyone on the Internet is active on social media, share the link of your blog on social media.

3. Q&A Websites: You can use websites like Quora and drop your blog link here so that your website will get good traffic, for this, you have to sign-up.

4. Comment: You can comment by going to the blog related to your blog, you can have your link there so that you will get traffic from the visitors visiting that blog.

5. Guest Post: By visiting related blogs from your blog, you can request a guest post. If your request is approved, you will also get links from that which will help to increase your visits.

6. Backlinks: Backlinks are very important to bring traffic to the blog, it simply means that the traffic goes to your website through another website, which is called backlinks.

I told you these few things which you can bring traffic to your blog by following it, for this, you have to be patient and work hard on your blog or website.


The Conclusion

I told you in my post what SEO is and what you have to keep in mind while doing SEO for your post or article, if you start ranking them in Google too soon your website/blog, you just have to work hard. You will have to keep posting articles daily and keep your presence.

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