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Top 40+ Low Investment Successful Business Ideas for Women

Top 40+ Low Investment Business Ideas for Women To Make Money in 2020

Many big businesses around the world have been handled by women, which are headed by women. If you are also a woman and looking for your own business sitting at home then you will get many ideas from this article from which you can start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur and become an inspiration for other women.

In today's article, we will talk about some business ideas that women can start from home and some businesses which do not have much investment.

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Top 40+ Low Investment Business Ideas for Women
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List of Beneficial and low investment Business Ideas for Women at Home

01. Blogging

If you know how to work on the computer and you want to earn money through an online medium then the best way for you is to write a blog if you are interested in a topic like grooming, eating, health, technology, etc. then these You can start writing blogs on topics and earn money online from home.

02. Chocolate Making

Everyone loves to eat chocolate and there are many types of chocolate available in the market. If you are knowledgeable on this subject then you should start a chocolate-making business. Prepare different design chocolates that attract customers. Demand for such chocolate increases during the months of festivals and love. Keep in mind that your packing of chocolate will attract.

03. Open a Clothing Boutique

If you have designer skills to stitch and you are doing this business at home, it is a good thing, but if you want to increase the number of your customers, then take the help of the internet and create your website on social media. Attract people with your skills and take your business from home to the world.

04. Fashion Designing Business

There are various types of changes in women's clothing in India and all the changes in clothes are due to a good fashion designer. In India, there is more trend of women for matching things with clothes. If you have designing skills then you can start designing your fashion and make a lot of money by making different designs.

The fashion designing business is one of the best business ideas for women. If you start this business from home, then your investment in it will be very less. Read about some successful women fashion designer entrepreneurs to grow the business and establish your brand.

05. Bakery Business at Home

The demand for cake and bakery products is increasing constantly. If you can make something delicious with new experimentation in this business, then start this business from home.
Initially, you start it by making cakes, bread, cupcakes, and marketing it by creating your channel on online platforms.

06. Additional Curriculum Activities for Children

Here we are not talking about teaching tuition to children. Most parents look for a teacher to teach children other activities related to things such as crafts, art, dancing, acting, and other creative things that help children develop new skills.

Most women are chosen to teach such things and can start this business at home with very little investment, for this you must have a passion so that you become a successful entrepreneur in this business.

07. Image Consultant

This business idea is suitable for women who have a good knowledge of fashion sense. You can educate women about living conditions who do not know how to fix their image. You can create your profile on an online platform and connect with millions of women and give ideas about fashion and living.

08. Event Planner

Celebrations require a different kind of decoration and ceremonies take place from time to time. The role of an event planner is very important, people hire a good event planner in their ceremony, such as wedding, party, reception, birthday, etc. To avoid trouble and they pay a lot of money for it.
To be an event planner, you must have the experience and skills to present the event well. To become an event planner you will need sufficient means. You can start this business with the function of your relatives and from that, you can start your marketing.

09. Day Care Services

Daycare or crèche, this type of facility where children are taken care of throughout the day, is witnessing a boom in this business. Working women are looking for such services to take care of their child, where children get all kinds of care.
There will be little investment in this business and a child-friendly environment will be created so that you can attract people to you.

10. Sell Products on E-Commerce Plateforms

The Internet has given people many ways to earn money and the business of selling their goods from home to online platforms is proving very good for women. The online shopping market is growing at a rapid pace and people now prefer to shop from home, so it would be a good idea for the women of the house to do this business.

There are many big platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, through which women can sell any of their products from home, if you have the skills to create art by hand, you can make money by selling it online.

11. Freelance Writing

With the growth of the e-commerce business, the demand for content writers has also increased significantly, it is a completely online business. Businesses are looking for writers for good content writing for their business, through which they can beat their competitors and grow in business.

Freelance writing business for women is a zero investment that can be started from home. So for this, you must have good writing skills.

12. Paid-to-Click Job

For this job, you only need the internet and you do not need to invest in it. There are many sites on the Internet that offer PTC or paid-click-jobs. You have to identify such websites and sign up. You have to click on the advertisement being shown on these sites and you will be paid per click. To get the money you will need a PayPal account.

13. Beauty Parlour

A beauty parlor is a business that is suitable for women in every way. If you have beauty skills and are trained, then you must start a beauty parlor. The investment in this business is high and for this, you have to choose a place where you can reach many good customers.

14. Meal Service (Tiffin)

The trend of tiffin service is increasing in big cities these days and women can start this business from home as well as investment in it is very less. In most of the big cities, children come from other cities to study, so they take help from Tiffin Services to get home-flavored food. This business has low investment and high earning opportunities.

15. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been growing rapidly in recent times. You can start affiliate marketing by joining any famous company like Amazon, Flipkart, Bluehost, etc. For this, you have to join the affiliate programs of these companies. In affiliate marketing, you have to sell the goods shown on the websites of these companies to others through you.

If you sell goods from your affiliate account, you will get a commission on the sale of each item. The more items you sell at home, the more commission you will be able to receive.

16. Tuition

Along with school education, children need separate tuition to get success in all subjects, so parents are in search of a good tutor for their children. This is a good opportunity for women to earn money sitting at home, if you like to teach and you have knowledge of education, then you start giving tuition at home.

17. Wedding Planner

Top 40+ Low Investment Successful Business Ideas for Women
Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

In India and other countries, the help of wedding planners is being taken to prepare the wedding plan, whose job is to prepare the wedding plan completely. Many people use different types of themes in their wedding. Nowadays, the bride also enters exclusively, many people plan a wedding on the beach and there are many ways that people make their wedding memorable. In such a situation, the role of the wedding planner is important.

18. Cooking Channel on Youtube

YouTube is a platform where you get all kinds of videos like health, beauty, food, fashion, teaching, tech, etc. all kinds of things are available on YouTube and through it, people are also making a lot of money sitting at home.

Women have cooking skills and if you are an expert in making many types of recipes, then you should make your channel on YouTube, with the help of which you can take your food recipes to the world.

Many such women on YouTube are earning millions of rupees from their skills of cooking.
If you want to know how to earn money from YouTube then go to how to earn money from youtube.

19. SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization is required to drive traffic to any website on Google and many professional consultants earn millions of rupees every month. Every day millions of websites are created on the Internet and most of those sites fail because they are not aware of search engine optimization.

The job of an SEO consultant is to bring traffic to the website and it is the SEO consultant who sees the website ranking well in Google, which gives the website good revenue.

To be a good SEO consultant, you have to give some time only then you can learn to do SEO.

20. Acrylic Button Manufacturing

The export of fabric in the domestic market as well as in the international market is increasing and is seeing a boom and at the same time, the demand for acrylic buttons is also increasing rapidly. The demand for acrylic buttons is going to increase in the future.

21. Bindi Making

Bindi making business is very good for women to start from home and investment in it is also very less. To create a dot you need to be very creative. There is a market for Bindi and you can start the unit at home to make it.

22. Bridal Store

Starting a bridal store would be a good opportunity to become an entrepreneur and start thinking about making money in this business. To start a bridal store you will need medium investment. The market for bridal stores is quite large and it also has more earning opportunities.

23. Artificial Jewelry 

The artificial jewelry market is widespread in India and there is a lot of competition in this business. Artificial jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, nose pins, etc. You can make all these things at home and sell them online.

24. Blouse Hook Making

The business of making blouse hooks at home would be a great start for a female entrepreneur. Blouse hooks are an important item used in the apparel and clothing industry. It is used in women's wear and is a low-capital investment business.

25. Natural Soap Making

It is a good idea to start a soap-making business for women of small towns, for this, you will need less capital investment and if you know the method of soap making with the help of natural means then it will be good for your business. You start this business in small cities and you can start selling these products by opening a small shop.

26. Gift Basket

If you have the skills to create attractive artwork then this business will be right for you. You can make a basket filled with some gifts that are decorated in an attractive way that attracts people's attention. You can easily make it at home and make money by selling it in your local market. Demand for such products is seen in the market on festive seasons like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, etc. You can also open your shop and also sell your products through online mediums.

27. Candle Making

The business of making candles can be started by women from home with moderate capital investment from home. There is a lot of change in the method of making candles every day, many types of candles are seen in the market, which seems quite attractive, many people use these candles for the decoration of houses.

You can also start a candle making business and make a variety of candles like Birthday Party Candle, Couple Love Candle, Festivals Candle, Decorative Candle, etc.

28. Business Coaching Service

This business will only be suitable for educated women who have a master's degree as well as practical administrative experience. For this, you can start an online blog or channel where you can educate others about business activities. You can also start by opening a shop in your local area and display the services you offer.

29. Interior Designer

If you are interested in designing things like home, office, then you can start from the interior designing business. For this you have to have practical experience, if you want to get into this business, then you can work for some time in an interior designing company and start your own business with experience.

30. Hand-Made Craft Items

Do you like to create new artwork by hand? Handmade works used in home decoration, which are in great demand in the market, use wood, plaster of Paris, clay, paint, etc. to prepare such items. On the strength of your skills, you can prepare some such attractive handmade items and sell them in the market as well as their online market is also very big.

31. Become a Yoga Trainer

Nowadays everybody is becoming very aware of health and many people and women also join gym and yoga studios, if you have the skills to teach yoga and you have good knowledge about health then you can start this business.

32. Language Instructor

Most of the Indians have knowledge of more than one language and the trend of Indians towards languages spoken in other countries has increased, this also gives them job opportunities abroad. If you know any other language other than the mother tongue, then you can become a language instructor.

Some foreign languages ​​like, German, Spanish, French, Italian, etc. which are in high demand, if you know these languages ​​then you can teach other people Can start a business.

33. Music Teacher

If you know the skill of playing a musical instrument or you love music, then you can earn money by starting a business of teaching music at home. Most parents teach their children other activities as well, and most children are fond of learning music. You can also start a YouTube channel where you can teach people the art of music through online medium.

34. Pickles Making

Everyone likes to eat homemade pickles and most women have the skills to make pickles at home and homemade pickles are always in demand and this business does not demand much investment.
Many women tell people how to make pickles on YouTube and through blogging and earn money sitting at home. Pickle making business would be a good idea for women at home.

35. Customized T-shirt Printing Business

The T-shirt printing business is quite lucrative and many youngsters and children like to wear different types of customized T-shirts. The beginning of this business requires moderate investment. Many culture programs, college students, etc. make such customized T-shirts for their ceremony.

Along with T-shirt printing, you can start printing of many other things like mug printing, cushion printing, shoe printing, mobile cover printing, etc.

36. Social Media Consultants

Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are websites that are very important for the common people as well as practical people. Most of the businesses use all these platforms for marketing their products.

A social media consultant designs a strategy for companies on social media platforms from where they gain more followers.

If you have a good knowledge of social media usage, this can be a business opportunity for you.

37. Florist

This business is suitable for women who love nature and grow colorful flowers. The business of flowers is done in large quantities in India. If you have enough space to grow flowers, then you can start the cultivation of flowers at that place and start the business of flowers which are more in demand.

There is a lot of demand for flowers in many festivals, worship, weddings, ceremonies, ceremonies, religious places, etc. in India.

38. Maid Organizer

Most of the households in the big cities require a maid and many big houses seek agency help to hire women working at home. If you start a maid organizer agency then you will earn a lot of money from it, initially, you will have to work hard in marketing this business and involve trustworthy people in your agency.

39. Clothing Transformation and Sewing

The business of sewing clothes, as well as alternation in clothes, is a very good idea for women to make money sitting at home. You must have the skills of sewing clothes. If you do not have the skills, you can learn to sew clothes in a few days and start your business.

40. Editing and Proofreading

Freelance editing and proofreading allow you to earn money from home on an hourly basis and also allows you to study the subjects in which you are interested. There are many companies available on the online freelance websites that give you the work of freelance editing and proofreading. You must have the skills to catch mistakes and write well in an article.

If you want to work as a professional editor, then beware of fake sites associated with a trusted website. If possible, visit your client or contact them via video call and demand advance payment as per work.

41. Web Designing

Web designing is especially for women who like designing websites. If you know HTML, PHP coding then you can start a website designing business from home. Web designing mainly includes things like graphic design, search engine optimization, user experience, user interface.

It can take a long time to acquire the skills to become a good professional web designer, but there are many mediums on the Internet through which you can learn it.

42. Embroidery Services

You can start the embroidery business done on clothes from home or you can embroider orders from someone else to do embroidery on clothes. There is a lot of competition in this business and at the same time, you should have its skills only then you enter this business.


In today's article, I told you about the Top 40+ Low Investment Successful Business Ideas for Women, if you have any other business ideas then share me, I will write those ideas in my article.

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