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Top 13 Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment in 2020

How Earn Money Online in India Without Investment 2020

Rapidly increasing technology and the expansion of the Internet have greatly simplified people's lives. The Internet has given many such opportunities to people today, with the help of which they can earn money sitting at home. There are many businesses on the Internet from which you can earn from $ 100 to $ 50,000 at home.

Making money from the internet is not a very difficult task, just you must-have skill, and dedication. Many people are now earning online sitting at home.

If you have passion and skill, then I will tell you about the ways to earn money online without any investment.

Top 13 Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment in 2020
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List of  How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in India

01. Make Money Online Through Blogging

In India, the trend towards blogging has increased, and many people have started blogging in the recent past. Blogging slowly takes you towards success. If you are thinking of getting rich quickly from blogging then you will fail. To earn money from blogging, you have to work hard and wait for some time, only then you will be able to earn by becoming a successful blogger.

To start blogging, first of all, you should like writing, if you have the skill to write good writing material then you start blogging. Display quality articles on your blog. Invite people to read your article.

Earning from blogging depends on the traffic coming to your blog, the more traffic will come to your blog, the more you will be able to earn money.

Before starting a blog, know your interest in which subject you will start blog writing. You can start blog writing on health, health, cuisine, travel, ways to earn money, etc.

To know about how you can earn money from a blog, go to this article. 11 Best Ways to Make Money From Blogging.

02. Make Money Online With YouTube

YouTube is the largest source of entertainment on the Internet. Every day there are millions of people on YouTube who watch videos according to their needs.

YouTube now not only entertains but also provides opportunities to earn. Many successful people on YouTube are earning millions of rupees a month from their videos. You can also start your own channel on YouTube and start making money.

If you have the skills to make people laugh, or you know about health, or you have knowledge in the field of education, or you know how to cook, or you have the knowledge to teach some software. You can create videos on these topics and upload them to YouTube and attract your audience to watch your videos.

You can make a video on any topic on YouTube. Know your interest and start your channel on YouTube. Keep in mind that YouTube's earnings depend on your audience and your subscribers.

Read this article to know how to earn money from YouTube.

03. Buying and Selling Domain Names

Domain trading is very much in trend and many people are earning millions of rupees through domain trade. This business is completely online.

To do the business of buying and selling domains, you need to have detailed knowledge of it.

There are many big websites on the Internet where you can buy domain names. You can earn many dollars by selling the domain names in the future. You can buy and book some good domain names, and through these websites, you can earn the money you want by selling the domain to the needy people.

You can bid on your domain and you can sell at the price of your choice.

04. Earnings Through Content Writing

Writing business is a very good job to earn money sitting at home. For many people who have skills and knowledge in the field of writing and who like to write, it is very easy to earn money from writing business.

If you know how to write good quality articles, then you can earn from $ 100 to $ 500 every month sitting at home without investing any money online.

There are many websites on the Internet through which you can make good money by giving writing materials for clients. Demand for a good content writer is always going to be recognized.

05. Make Money Online on Instagram

Other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc. provide you the opportunity to earn money. Similarly, Instagram is also one of the biggest platforms from which you can earn unlimited money.

Your earnings on Instagram depend on your followers, the more you have followers, the more your earnings will increase.

There are many ways to earn from Instagram like you can promote a brand product, be an influential person. You can post sponsored for brands, instead, you can take a good amount from that brand.

Read this article to learn how to make money from Instagram.

06. Sell Products Online and Make Money

Online shopping has changed the way people shop. The online shopping market is going to be very big in the coming time. Many big companies allow you to sell your product online.

If you have a book written by yourself or have some art skills, you can sell on online shopping platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc.

If you want to sell female and male accessories online then it also provides an opportunity for you to earn from home. You can earn decent money every month by selling your products at online stores in India.

07. Earn Money By Becoming a Freelancer

Freelancing is the best way to earn money using your skills at home. The online freelancing market in India is huge and many people are earning millions of rupees through freelancing.

There are many platforms on the internet such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiver, etc., from where you can start earning money by freelancing. For this you do not need any kind of investment, you will be able to earn money using only your skills.

Depending on your skills, you can start web developer, marketing, designing, human resources, writing, and freelancing in any field.

In the beginning, you may have fewer customers but over time you can connect with many customers and earn millions every month. The basis of your good profile helps you reach more and more customers.

08. Earn Money By Becoming an Online Tutor or Coach

Teaching your skills to other people is the simplest and best way to earn money. If you have good knowledge in the field of education then you can start earning money by coaching other people. You can provide education to people through a website or your blog and YouTube channel.

You can teach people in any field like dance, sports, cuisine, art, courses, yoga or you can start giving online courses for it and you can get a fair price from your customers.

In the coming times, the model of online education in India will develop rapidly, if you start today, you can earn millions of rupees month in the coming years.

09. Earn Money By Selling Great Photos

The hobby of photography not only teaches you to take photographs, but you can also earn millions of rupees a month from this hobby. Yes, believe me, money is also earned by selling photos. Your photos should be of good quality that attracts people to themselves.

There are many platforms on the Internet where you can earn money by selling your photos. Some of the most popular websites are Shutterstock, through which you can sell your photos.

10. Earn Money From Business Advisor

If you have knowledge about business advisors and you can solve people's problems by giving people information related to business activities then you can start earning money as a business consultant.

Many companies seek the help of business advisors before they start their business and bring new schemes into business and these companies pay a good amount to the consultants. If you have good business knowledge, then this is a golden opportunity for you to earn money sitting at home.

To become a professional consultant you must have complete knowledge. You should be aware of new efforts that will enable you to fulfill your client's ambitions.

11. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in India

Affiliate marketing that you can start from home without investing any money. Affiliate marketing means that you make money by selling products from another company which is completely a commission-based business. You will receive a commission according to the category of product you sell.

You can connect with many big companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Bluehost, etc. to do affiliate marketing. For this, you have to join affiliate programs with these completely free platforms.

There is no earning limit in affiliate marketing, the more products you sell, the more commission you will receive.

See this article to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

12. Make Money From The Stock Market 

The stock market is a very popular name from which anyone can start a journey to get rich. The stock market fluctuates, so you must have complete knowledge and knowledge before investing in the stock market.

You can also start with a small investment of Rs 5,000 in the stock market. It is very wise to invest money in the stock market, so if you are investing in the stock market for the first time, then you must have the right information about which stock will give you a good profit.

The stock market has brought many people to the heights of success, but my suggestion is that you need to get the right information before going into this market. Many people inadvertently put money in the stock market and their money is completely drowned. Therefore, information is important before investing.

13. Make Money Playing Video Games

Yes, you heard right, money can be earned by playing online video games. There are also people in India who are earning millions by playing online games.

Earning in online games is based on your score. Video game companies organize tournaments and reward money according to your score. You can convert your hobby of playing games into earnings, you can take advantage of these online games. You can earn a good income by joining the tournament and playing your game skills.

If you have all the qualities of a player and you want to make money using your gaming skills then this is the right time. Start playing online games and earn.


In today's article, I told you about the Top 13 Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment Methods. If you want to earn your descent without investing any money sitting at home, then you will get very good guidance from this article of mine.

Many people in India are now working on ways to earn money sitting at home, from which they are earning millions of rupees every month. Without delay, you can also follow the methods mentioned in this article to earn money online.

If you liked my article, then share your thoughts with me and share this article with your friends and on social media.

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