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11 Ways to Make Money From Blogging

Earn Money Through Your Blog in 2020

If you are a blogger and want to earn money through your blog, then, first of all, you have to pay attention that your blog keeps getting traffic every day, if you monetize your blog then it is necessary to have regular traffic on your blog. The more traffic, the higher your earnings.

If you are a new blogger and starting your career as blogging then you have to regularly publish good quality articles on your blog, which will increase traffic to your blog.

You will have many opportunities to earn if you get a large amount of traffic on the blog, and you will be able to earn up to $100 every month very easily if you get regular traffic.

If you have started your blog to earn, today in this article I will tell you several ways through which you will be able to earn money from the blog.

How to Earn Money From Blog
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Some Easy Ways to Earn Money From a Blog

01. Make money with Google Adsense

You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense and make money from your blog, this is the easiest and reliable way to earn money from a blog because Google Adsense is the only product of Google that you can trust and most blogger use this also.

You need to note that placing more advertisements on your blog will affect the speed of your blog as well as it will not be a good experience for the user. Some people try to earn more money with the help of fake clicks, but doing so has a bad effect on your blogging site, which spoils your ranking in Google.

In India, the cost per click on the advertisement given on the blog is less than the dollar, so do not spoil your blogging website by getting lured by earning more. Use Google Adsense honestly and start earning decently.

02. Launch the Course on The Blog

What difficulties have you overcome in your blogging career? You can start teaching your audience your specialty through a completely online course from your blog, for which you can get a reasonable price from the audience.

Many bloggers on the internet offer courses to people through their blogs and in return they charge some money from people, this is a very good and simple way to earn from a blog.

If you too have some knowledge and skills that you can teach others, then you can start earning from it.

03. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from a blog, and it is effortless, and simple millions of people are making money through it.

I learned about affiliate marketing business through the internet and understood that this article 
(what is affiliate marketing?) Will guide you if you want to know more about affiliate marketing.

There is no limit to the earnings from affiliate marketing. You can earn millions of rupees every month from it. A lot of bloggers are building their wealth only through affiliate marketing, and in the coming times, affiliate marketing will be a good way to earn from home.

Below are some website examples through which you can start affiliate marketing:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Bluehost
You too can start affiliate marketing and it is free to join.

04. Direct Display Advertising for Customer

When you start your blogging career as a blogger, you start earning quickly with the help of Google Adsense or other advertisers.

After a time, when you become a successful blogger and make your mark and establish your brand, then you start coming advertisers on your own, you can earn a lot from advertising. Advertisers promote their products through your blog, in return for which you can get a good price from them.

You have to work hard to make your blog successful and establish your brand.

05. Other Advertising Platform Providers

Whenever someone starts a career in blogging and builds his blog, his first objective is to get approval from Google Adsense so that he can run ads on his blog, but sometimes Google does not approve the blog because of the terms of Google AdSense And the rule is quite strict.

In such a situation, bloggers sometimes take the help of other advertising platforms that have no interference from Google and which are non-Google advertising platforms. Non-Google advertiser terms are easier than Google Adsense terms.

Other platforms with which you can earn money by advertising are given below:

  • Infolinks
  • PropellerAds Media

These are some non-Google advertising providers with whom you can start making money by advertising on blogs.

06. Start Host Paid Webinar

The trend of webinars has grown rapidly in the recent past, with the help of which you can communicate directly with your target group through chats, videos, and slides. With the help of webinars, you can reach your target audience easily.

You can help them solve their problems by sharing their knowledge with your audience. By hosting paid webinars, you increase your identity among the audience so that more viewers will pay you to join your webinar.

07. Start Selling Your Own Digital Products

You can make money through your blog by selling digital products you create. This is the best way to earn income through a blog.

Here are some digital products you can sell:

  • Graphic design files
  • Digital art
  • Templates
  • Ebooks

The trend of e-books is very high and any article can be converted into e-books, after that you can start selling it. E-books are the most commonly sold digital product.

Your subject for this e-book should be good and unique so that your readers trust the book you have created that your e-book will prove useful to them.

08. Provide Freelance Services on The Blog

Through your blog, you can also start freelancing services. Freelancing is a huge platform sitting at home and millions of people are making money through freelancing.

You can list the services offered on your blog and make your audience aware of your services. If you have a specialty in any subject, you can create a portfolio of services on your blog, which will guide the audience well.

If you have good writing skills and apart from that you know other technical things, you can put all the things on your independent list and get good value from them in exchange for solving people's problems.

09. Display Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is a type of blog post that you publish on your blog and you are paid appropriately for this work.
You can publish published posts about the products and services of a company, in return for which the company charges you. Many successful bloggers earn millions of rupees every month with the help of sponsored posts.

Whenever a company presents a new product in the market, companies publish sponsored articles through bloggers to reach more audience for their marketing.

Before starting a sponsored post, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Drive more traffic to your blog
  • Write about products that are useful to people
  • Review Your Competitive Blog
  • Create your blog professionally

These are some things that you have to keep in mind so that you can make your income in the future with the help of sponsored posts.

10. Start Paid Product Review

Whenever a company brings a new product to market, companies seek the help of reviewers to build their confidence, which works to raise awareness of their product, so companies can use bloggers to review their products. Uses of Can be used. And uses other people who can give good reviews to their product.

If you publish an article on your blog to review a company's product, you get a commission in return. Your article helps guide those who are willing to buy that company's product.

Before becoming a good reviewer, keep the following points in mind:

  • The product you are reviewing has value for your audience
  • Always review only the appropriate company's products
  • Product matches your blog theme
  • You have complete information about the product you are reviewing.

Here are some things to keep in mind that you can start earning by becoming a product reviewer.

11. Start an E-Commerce Business with WooCommerce

E-commerce has become a huge business, most people now prefer shopping online and you too can take advantage of this. On your blog, you can start selling other products from e-commerce.

Many blog websites sell and earn products through their blogs. If your blog is related to food, then you can sell items used in the kitchen such as electric items, grinders, mixers, utensils, crockery, etc. through your blog.


If you are starting a blog as your career and want to earn money through blogs, then, first of all, you have to write your good quality writing material which is valuable for your audience, to solve their problems.

After this, when the traffic on your blog starts to increase in volume, then you should consider monetizing the blog.

I shared the information about How to Earn Money From Blog with my understanding. If you have more venom to earn money from blogging then write to me and share this article with your friends.

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