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How to Start a Preschool in India 2020

How to Start a Preschool in India 

The preschool business in India is growing rapidly. The growth of this industry is expected to reach 34,000 crores in the coming few years.

What are the things you need to keep in mind to start a preschool and what you need to pay attention to succeed in this business? Making your startup success depends on your dedication and hard work.

In today's post, I will share with you ideas on how to start preschool.

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How to Start a Preschool
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Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Preschool

01. Business Plan Study

To make a business successful, a good and strong business plan must be made, only then you will succeed by working hard on that business. The business plan for starting a preschool business is divided into a few points:

#. Source of Inspiration: Your motivation behind your plan should be clear. A good quality business in which you also educate children and love other children like your own children. Starting this business only to earn money will not give you spiritual peace, if you love children and want to earn money as well, then start this business only.

#. Place: The next step is to determine the appropriate location for your preschool. It would be beneficial to start such a business in a densely populated residential location, you have to keep in mind that the route is smooth for your preschool visiting children and it is easy for parents to bring children to your school. Only after studying well, choose a good and good place.

#. Understand the Parents: Understanding parents are the most important part of this business, you have to convince the parents of the children that your preschool is appropriate and safe for their children. Most parents are not able to pay much attention to children under the pressure of work and they send children to such preschool or daycare. What kind of place is your business located and what standard is the people who live nearby, all these things are important for your business. All these things will determine the future of your preschool business.

#. Space Requirements: A preschool for 40 to 50 children requires 2500 to 3000 square feet of space and together you will need to arrange enough space for the children to play and also have a first-aid room.
Greenery in and around your school premises will make your school look attractive. Prepare school premises keeping in mind the safety of children.

#. Cost Estimate: Be sure to estimate the amount of investment you have to make to open a preschool, these expenses can be divided into two parts one that is invested only once such as a computer, tablet, furniture, desk, board, etc.
Now there are some expenses which you have to pay every month like electricity bills, transportation, salary, rent, etc.
Understand the cost of all these things and start opening schools.

#. Future Forecast: Plan a strategy for the future of your business, assess the revenue and expenses you receive each month, and make your determination every year and work hard to grow that business further. Prepare the path to give a new direction to your school. You should plan to expand the number of children and do new experiments in school so that you will be able to enroll more children in your school. The better you facilitate, the more you will move forward and become a successful businessman.

02. Infrastructure and Safety Regulations

Now we will talk about the school structure and the safety of children. To take care of 40 to 50 children, you have to hire skilled and good staff and create an environment where the children feel safe and, for this, what you need to take care of is clear in a few points Have done:


How to Start a Preschool
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  • Children's classes should only be on the ground floor to make it easier for them to attend classes.
  • The children's classroom should be open and comfortable, where the children can get enough space to move around.
  • The rooms should be neat and tidy and the classroom environment should be child friendly and the classroom should be well ventilated.
  • The temperature of the classrooms should be child-friendly so that the child does not become ill.
  • You will have to complete all these essential things like books, posters, some playable items of children, etc. in the classroom.

Lunch and Leisure Facilities
  • The atmosphere is clean in the dining hall of the children eating food, where there are no more than six children at the children's lunch table.
  • Arrange for a comfortable bed for children where children can be relaxed.

Complete Sanitation Facilities
  • Toilets should be in adequate quantity in the school and special attention should be paid to their hygiene and if you are running a school with 50 children then 4 toilets should always be open for the use of children.
  • Basic facilities used in the toilet such as clean water, soap, toilet paper as well as an employee who takes care of the children in the toilet.

Clearance Process
  • Prepare the school stairs according to the emergency exit. The ladder is open where it is easy to get out in an emergency and the stairs must have a railing.
  • Give emergency training to your employees from time to time so that they can protect all children in an emergency.
  • Classes must have at least 2 exit gates to make it easier for children to leave in an emergency.
  • All exit points in the school should be given by posters in all classrooms.

Fire Equipment
  • All fire equipment should be present in schools and the government requires you to take fire NOC for school.
  • Inform all your employees about running fire fighting equipment. Fire fighting equipment needs to be renewed periodically
  • Fire safety alarms should be installed throughout the school campus.

Security Measures
  • There should always be an emergency vehicle in the school so that a child can be taken to the hospital in case of ill health.
  • The school should have a medical room where all the items used for basic treatment should be available, as well as the school staff must be aware of the use of the first-aid kit.

03. Staff, Teacher, Syllabus

The long-term success of your preschool requires good working and helping staff to establish a good rapport between parents and teachers.
Gather all the basic information and learn about the past history of teachers before hiring a teacher.

Staff Qualification

  • Be sure to do a background check before hiring a support worker.
  • Complete all the necessary paperwork before hiring the teacher. Hire a teacher who loves children and can take good care of children in the class.
  • Hire employees who help your school run well.

Teacher to Student Ratio

  • A teacher should focus on the group of students in his class and for this, the number of students in a class should be limited.
  • If there are 4 children in a class, then there should be 1 teacher on 10 children in that class so that they can focus on all the children.
Course or Education Program

Encourage students to be involved in various activities. Children's curriculum should be such that children can understand it easily and do not put much pressure on their mental development.

  • Include drama and theater-related activities in the school.
  • Some easy experiments related to science.
  • Arts and crafts courses.
  • Take children for picnics and children-related places.
  • Give children yoga education in school and talk about ways to keep them healthy.
  • Include good books in the children's curriculum.
Inform parents about all these activities and organize a culture program from time to time and invite parents to visit the school to see the program.

04. Registration and Legal Requirements

It is very important to get it recognized by the government of all the plans to start a successful preschool business and also follow the guidelines made by the government by fulfilling all the safety aspects in the school.

#. Business Type: It would be pointless to set up a preschool to make a profit. If you aim to run a school without making a profit, then you register it under a trust. If you are opening a preschool with a friend, relative, etc. you can register it with Private Limited. It takes at least one month to get a new company registered and you can get it registered through your state Registrar of Companies.

#. Levy: Once you start operating the preschool, then you have to follow the tax policy made by the government and report your income to the government on an annual basis.

On the other hand, you are exempted from tax service for preschool. Preschool education is part of the negative list of service tax so it is exempted from service tax.

For any business to be started in India, you need to have PAN card, VAT number, TIN issued by the tax department of Government of India, and now you have to understand all these concepts under GST.

#. Labor Law: If you have more than 20 employees in your preschool, then you have to provide the provident fund every month to all employees under the provident fund scheme created by the government and also the bonus act made by the government once a year on any major occasion or Provide 1-month bonus to employees on the festival. You have to determine the salary of your employees based on the minimum wage rule made by the government.

#. Security Regulation: Determine the design of your preschool to suit safety and emergency. Before issuing a registered license to your school, officers come to inspect your school and check all safety standards.

05. Preschool Franchise

You can also start a preschool business with a popular brand, in this, you get many benefits like technical and logistic support you will get from the beginning of the business and also employee support is provided to you.

The Preschool Franchisee model has several advantages which are described below:

  • The cost of setting it up is also limited and all the facilities are provided to you by the main branch. Which Will Start Your Preschool Business.
  • Your teaching staff will be trained periodically.
  • You do not need to do much marketing in it because the main branch has already found its place in the market and you can benefit greatly from its brand.
  • The main branch is in constant touch with you and keeps you informed about its policies on a regular basis. If you start school with Franchise, then you will be able to establish a very successful preschool in a short time.
On one hand, it is very beneficial for you to start school by taking the franchise, on the other hand, you will lose your freedom as you have to work according to the guidelines set by the main branch.
If you are thinking of starting a school with Franchisee of a brand, then you will find many such brands in the market that offer Franchisee such as Childhood, Treehouse, Kidzee, etc. You can start school with Franchisee, All the brands demand different investment.


Today's article explains some things about how to start a preschool and how to start this business if you are thinking about starting a preschool business. This article of mine will guide you. If you have a passion for children and are looking for a business-related to children, then this preschool business will complete your search.
Share your thoughts with me about how you liked this article and also share this article with your friends.

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