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Top 35+ Manufacturing Business Ideas To Starts In 2020

35+ Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

If you want to start a big business, then you must have enough capital and resources. All the big businessmen in India have started their business on a small scale, and over time they have expanded and today they have set their flag on the heights of success.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to arrange capital to start a big business, so the best option is to start your business on a small scale.

The number of small scale industries in India is huge, and the products produced by these industries always remain in demand. Some small scale industries can be started from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000.

I have discussed some low-investment businesses in previous articles and today's article, I will tell you about the trades associated with manufacturing businesses through which your dream of becoming a successful business and get rich will be fulfilled.

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Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas in 2020

Top 35+ Manufacturing Business Ideas To Starts In 2020
Photo by Mike from Pexels

List of Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

01. Aluminum and fiber doors, windows

Nowadays, wooden doors are very expensive, which low-income people are not able to put in all the places in the houses, for this, they get light and fancy doors made of things other than wood.

In most homes, people prefer to have light fiberglass doors for their bathrooms or toilets because they are water-resistant due to which they do not deteriorate, and these doors work for a long time.

Apart from this, people are less expensive than wood. Making aluminum frames for windows and various sizes of fiberglass doors is a good business idea for small manufacturing.

This manufacturing business does not require much larger premises and it is also easier to procure the necessary machinery used in it.

02. Disposable plates, cups, and crockery

There is a party, picnic, small events, etc. Going on throughout the year. In these small events, the host doesn't alert for things like metal or ceramic plates, spoons, forks, glass.

Besides, they rely on plates of plastic and Styrofoam, cups, spoons, glasses, etc. And they serve food to their guests. As they are cheap and good quality disposals and do not need to be washed. Disposable plates and cups made of paper have also become common, which are mostly used.

Most street food vendors use paper cup disposals only. Disposable plates, cups, glasses, spoons, etc. Are always in great demand. If you start a manufacturing unit of these small products, in no time you will start getting a good response and your income will increase.

03. Handmade organic and exotic soap

Nowadays, everybody is very cautious about his health and everyone likes to use items manufactured from natural things found in the market which do not contain any kind of chemicals. This is the right time to start preparing organic soaps naturally.

In the initial phase, you have to make an initial investment of Rs 2 lakh for this manufacturing business and you can expect good results after some time, you have to work continuously in it.

04. Handicraft items

The next consideration for the manufacturing business is a handicraft and craftsmanship. The demand for handicrafts made in India is very much abroad. Many foreigners prefer to buy handmade items made in India.

You can also start this manufacturing business with less investment, you have to create attractive handicrafts to attract more customers. You can use many types of things for making handicraft items, such as bamboo, wood, leather, fiber, and any such items which are put in the garbage.

05. Paper bags and envelopes 

It is no wonder that a wide variety of items are made to recycling things and it is also quite attractive. Now people are also becoming aware of the environment, and people have started paying attention to cleanliness. You can start a small scale paper bag and an envelope manufacturing business and help in protecting the environment.

You will need manpower for this business and at the same time, you will help give employment to people. For making paper bags and envelopes, you can use paper like old newspapers, charts, sheets, etc.

You have a large market for selling such paper bags, such as supermarkets, retailers, drug stores, and other retail shoppers. You can sell paper bags.

06. Smartphone accessories

The list of manufacturing businesses are spread by smartphone-related goods and they are in demand all over the country. If a person buys a smartphone, then he also takes screen guards, mobile covers, earphones with him.

If you are thinking of starting a mobile tempered glass-making business, then for this you will need to invest around 70,000 to 1.75 lacs rupees in its machinery. You can start a business in this unit with the selfie stick, phone case, cable, tempered glass, etc. You will have to increase your investment capacity for this and you will also have to take the help of manpower for this.

07. Personalized gift items

Manufacturing of personal gift items is a good business idea. In this business you can start personal items like mugs, photo frames, cushion covers, attractive T-shirts, decorative items, etc., your investment in this business is also less Is, can also start from a small place. When this business becomes popular, you can take your business to the heights through online medium.

08. Eco-friendly cutlery and kitchen items

The manufacturing of such things which can make it easy for people. Eco-friendly cutlers are a booming business. It is a good alternative to plastic. A lot of awareness programs are organized in the country towards environmental protection. For this, you will need a cutlery making machine in which you will need more than 70,000 investments. Many companies make cutlery and have been in these businesses for a long time as well as making good profits.

09. Health supplements

Health supplement products are made to supplement the diet. People have become more aware of their health with the arrival of the Corona epidemic. People like to take health supplements if you know to make health supplement products, then you can start your business in this field. You can also earn good profits by selling these products through an online store.

10. Honey making business

Honey making is one of the easiest and profitable businesses associated with beekeeping. This business can also be started at a low cost. Honey is being used in every household and is also used with medicines. Many big companies make honey and do good business. To start this business, you will need bee box, hive body, honey supers, and good packing, if you start this business on a large scale, you will need manpower.

11. Fashion jewelry

Women in India are very sensitive about themselves, and most of the women are seen doing different types of fashion to differentiate themselves from other women. The fashion jewelry business is one of the most profitable manufacturers in India.

In modern times, women like to buy jewelry that they can use for everyday wear, which is light and looks attractive.

These days, with the increasing use of social media, people promote their business through an online medium, you can also take the help of influencers to promote your fashion jewelry business.

12. Making customized bed sheets and pillows

Nowadays there are many types of customized sheets and pillows that are printed in a very attractive way which attracts the attention of people and the demand for these sheets and pillows is always in the market.

To start this business, you will need a printing machine and related technical knowledge, the raw material will be available from the market and you can make money by selling your product by doing many attractive prints.

13. Luxury candles manufacturing

In the past, candles were used when electricity was lost, but now over time the design of candles has changed considerably and candles are more used for decoration.

There are many types of candles available in the market which are quite attractive and aromatic, if you think of starting a business, then you can start it from home with little investment. To market your product, you will have to work harder on marketing it.

14. Specs or frame

The business of making lenses and eyeglass frames used in eyeglasses is on the list of popular manufacturing businesses and is also a highly profitable business. If you want to start the business of making eyeglass frames and lenses then you will need a skilled man and machine.

15. Women's footwear

The demand for non-leather-free lightweight and comfortable footwear manufacturers for women has grown rapidly, with many small businesses starting manufacturing this business and many smart young people who have made considerable changes in the shoe-making business.

You can take the help of social media for marketing your business. You can also promote your products by creating your website/blog.
Take the information about the people who are doing the business of making women's shoes and assess the annual income and expenditure of their business. In the beginning, you can start your manufacturing business by making some cheap women's shoes.

16. Furniture manufacture

The furniture market is huge and it is increasing day by day. There is always a demand for furniture in all houses, offices, institutes, schools, etc. and there are many furniture manufacturing businessmen in the market who are doing this business and earning a lot of money.

You can start a start-up where you can start making light or medium weight products for people's choice, for this you need to pay attention that your products are different and attractive from others.

17. Manufacturing of water bottles

A good business idea is to start a water bottle making business. There are many types of water bottles, such as school children's bottles, office bottles, cooldrinks bottles, and large size water bottles, etc. You have a good opportunity to start this manufacturing business, for this, you need to have enough resources and knowledge, plus you have to invest more to build this business.

18. Leather items

You can start trading small things made using leather. Purses, belts, etc., small items with which you can start this manufacturing business, these items are used in large quantities and have a huge market. Given the market potential, you can consider starting this business.

19. Personal care items

Nowadays people appear to be very cautious about the use of most organic / naturally prepared products because now people have increased awareness about chemical-free products.

Naturally prepared products such as face wash, scrub, face cream, lotion, etc. are included. You can choose one of your range from all these products, its market is going to give huge revenue.

You can start manufacturing this business with a single product and expand your product range after establishing your brand.

20. Making incense sticks

You can start the business of making incense sticks from home, for this, you do not need to rent a big place. Agarbatti is used on puja and other special occasions, to make it, you can use bamboo sticks, wooden gum, perfume for fragrance. Agarbatti is made by rotating by hand and if you are starting it on a large scale then you will need a machine.

21. Sports items

As you all know people are crazy about sports, people of all ages like to play, so the market for sports products is growing rapidly. If you are considering a plan to start a business of manufacturing products related to sports, then this is the right time to start your business. You can start it on a small scale like a cricket bat, ball, gloves, cricket kit, etc., and after your brand is displaced, you can also start manufacturing products related to other sports.

22. Cotton buds making

Making cotton buds is one of the domestic business ideas, for this, you do not need any big investment. To make cotton bud you need small sticks and cotton. It is the right idea to earn money by starting a business at home as cotton buds are used in many places.

23. Toys manufacturing

Top 35+ Manufacturing Business Ideas To Starts In 2020
Photo by Jennifer Murray from Pexels

The toy industry is widespread in India and toys for children are also imported in large quantities from abroad, through which crores of rupees are traded in India and other countries. The majority of the market is acquired by foreign toy manufacturers. Prototypes and raw materials, for which you will begin construction, will have to be decided. You can start the production of toys with the help of a toy-making machine.

24. Homemade chocolate

Indian people are more fond of food and are looking for new dishes. Most people like to eat sweet after dinner, if you have the magic of sweetness in your hand, the business of making chocolate will be perfectly suitable.

You can start this business with an initial investment of Rs 60,000. Both your children and adults will be your customers for your business.

25. Making handmade biscuits

You can start the process of making handmade biscuits at home. All items of biscuit making will be available at your home. After making handmade biscuits you can start selling your product at local shops. In the initial stages, you will have to pay on the quality of your packing and biscuits.

26. Electrical fitting production

It is now impossible to imagine life without electricity. Without electricity and electrical equipment, nothing is possible. You can consider the manufacturing business of electrical fitting equipment. You can start this business with moderate investment. You have to get government registration and many licenses before starting.

27. Kitchen utensils making

You can start a business of making household utensils such as utensils, fry pan, glass, spoons, etc., which are necessary for every household kitchen. The commercial market for kitchen utensils is quite large. If you want to start this business then you have to gather all the information related to it and understand the machinery used.

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28. Plastic tablecloth and table mats

In homes and restaurants, it was previously decorated by laying clothes on the table, but the use of plastic table mats for laying on the table in homes has increased rapidly as it is simpler to wash and clean, which also saves time.
Plastic tablecloth and tablecloth are growing in the market, so you can consider their manufacturing business.

29. Making pickles

Pickle is known as a traditional dish of India. Pickles are used with food and are quite popular. In every house in India, you will find different types of pickles, which are prepared by the women of the house. You can start pickle making business from home and there is a demand for Indian pickle in the Indian market as well as abroad.

30. Designer lace

Lace is used in most clothing and craft works, you can start this business from home. With the changing fashion, the demand for different types of lace is increasing. Lace is also exported to other countries. This business is suitable for those who want to start their own business with less capital.

Lace is also made by hand and you can also take the help of a machine to make lace. To start this business on a small scale, you will need an investment of around Rs 50,000.

31. Ice-cream cones

People like to eat ice cream in all seasons and it is very popular in the desert. Because of the increasing demand and consumption of ice cream, the demand for ice cream cones has increased. If you are looking for low investment and small business ideas then ice cream cone making business will be suitable for you.

You can start a manufacturing unit with Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh, if you want to start this business with more production capacity then you will need more investment in it.

32. Papad making

Papad has an important place in meals all over India. Papad is invariably used on many occasions, weddings, parties, and people also use papad in homes, so the demand for papad is always there.

You can learn the method of making papad through the internet and start the business of making papad from home. You can lay the foundation of this business with 35,000 to 40,000 rupees and can sell papad in the market near you.

33. Staple pins making

Staplers are used in large places in many places like schools, colleges, government institutions, offices, courts, etc. Stapler pins Staplers do not work, usually made of thin pieces of white galvanized iron. To make a stapler pin, you have to use high-quality iron so that the stapler pin lasts longer.

An automatic machine that simplifies the manufacture of headpins. Staple pin making machines can give you a lot of pins in a day, which will allow you to produce more in less time.

34. Paper manufacturing

The paper manufacturing business is involved in low-cost business ideas. There is no place where the paper is not used, hence the increasing demand for paper makes this business a profitable business. You can manufacture many sizes of paper like A2, A3, A4, and many small copies that can be started in this industry. The cost of papermaking machines will start from around 2.5 lacs and you also have to know the investment for raw material.

35. Coconut oil

In recent times, the trend of people has shifted towards naturally made products and people are using them in large numbers. People place natural things first for their health and beauty. Hence starting a unit of coconut oil is on the list of good and small businesses. This business can be started with an amount of 1 lakh.

36. LED light manufacturing

To reduce power consumption, the government has promoted LED light, it is less expensive and able to save electricity, so the demand for LED light is very high. Its demand is going to increase more in the coming time. The raw material for making LED light is available in the market and you can consider starting your LED manufacturing business by assembling it, plus the profit in this business is considerable.

37. Automobile parts manufacturer

The automobile industry is spread all over the world. All automobile units require spare parts for their product manufacturing and demand for these spare parts is also high in the local market. If you can start this business then you can start a unit to make some spare parts.

38. Manufacture of fertilizers

India has been an agricultural country where most of the land is cultivated. Many farmers use fertilizer to increase their production and to protect it from pesticides. If you have a good knowledge of chemicals and fertilizers, you can start this business by setting up a fertilizer manufacturing unit.

39. Mineral water plant

The demand for mineral water is going to increase further in the coming time. Even today, mineral water is demanded in most ceremonies, weddings, parties, hotels, etc. Bottled mineral water is sold in every part of the country. You can also start selling mineral water bottles as per demand. A medium manufacturing business is involved in the idea of starting a mineral water plant.

40. Boxes and carton manufacture

Cartons are used in large numbers to pack goods, as well as cartons, are needed to ship goods overseas, so the business of manufacturing cartons would be a reasonable idea to make money, and also, this business Demand is going to last forever.

41. Tissue paper manufacturer

Tissue paper is not only used with food but is also used for cleaning purposes. Most households also use tissue paper. Restaurants, stalls, street vendors also allow customers to use tissue paper. Therefore, there is always a demand in the market. Tissue paper manufacturing units can be started with little or medium investment, and the returns will be very good.


For those who are thinking of starting their manufacturing unit, I have told about the Top 35+ Manufacturing Business Ideas to Starts in 2020 in this article. Through this article, you can choose your business according to yourself and can move towards becoming a successful businessman.

The time to start your business is to fulfill your aspirations and make your dream of becoming rich a reality.

According to my understanding, you told me about manufacturing systems, how you liked this article of mine, write me your thoughts and share this article with your friends.

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