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What is Investment: Definition, Category, Reasons

What is Investment?

To make more money from your money, you must start investing your money. All people want is that their wealth should increase every year and they can fulfill all their responsibilities, for this the most important is the investment of their wealth.

If you do a job and at the end of the month you get a fixed salary, that is your earning, which is the same every month, if you want to increase your earnings, then you have to use some part of your salary to invest needed.

Investing in the right place helps in dealing with the challenges in your future. You start getting the benefit of the investment made today in the coming few years.

You must invest money to secure your future and the coming old age.
What is Investment: Definition, Category, Reasons
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You must know about all types of investments, this will help you to understand how much benefit you will get in the scheme under which you are investing. You will need to know the right investment to meet short term goals. To make your retirement days enjoyable in the future, you should start investing from today.

New people need to know the type of investment, the purpose, and the investments available in India before starting an investment so that you will understand the right and proper investment methods.

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Types of Investment Categories

01. Cash Equivalents

These investments are called liquid investments because they can be easily converted into cash. Cash equivalents typically provide lower returns. The risk associated with them is also negligible.

02. Proprietary Investment

Ownership investment as you can understand from the name itself. In such an investment, the investor has the right over the purchased property. You can understand ownership investment by some examples, such as real estate property, stocks, etc. Some examples make you authoritative for ownership investment.

03. Pending (Lending) Investments

Investing in lending instruments teaches you to behave like a bank and you behave like a bank. Examples are corporate bonds, government bonds, savings accounts. When you deposit your earnings in a savings account in a bank, your money is a loan given to the bank, which you give to the bank and the bank uses this money as a loan to its other customers. In this way, you can start this kind of investment in a bank or with any government scheme.

Reasons to Start Investing Today

What is Investment: Definition, Category, Reasons
Image by Sally Jermain from Pixabay 

01. For a Happy Living After Retirement

If you want to enjoy the golden moments of your life at the time of retirement, then it is necessary to start investing from today so that the golden days can be enjoyed.

It is necessary to invest for retirement because you cannot always work and you will need money to live your life and you cannot depend on your children and wish for your future happiness.

Invest the money that you earn during your youth as per the right choice.

02. To Earn a Steady Income Stream

With the help of every investment you make, you get the means to earn a steady income, it helps you to earn a steady income. You can understand such investment with the help of fix deposit, this is a good example of this.

You need a steady income to cover post-retirement expenses and income-generating investment will help you in this task.

03. To Achieve Your Financial Goals

If you want to achieve your short term and long term goals without any hassle then you need to choose the right investment option. Some investment options come with a short lock-in period, which includes high liquidity that you want to make emergency funds and meet short term goals, then you should invest in a short lock-in period.

If you want to meet a long-term goal, then you have to choose the investment that gives profit in the long lock-in period. Investing in the long term will be an appropriate step to meet long-term goals.

04. Invest to Save Money

People invest their money to conserve their money. It is advisable to secure the money earned through hard work for the time to come. There are many government investment schemes in which you can start investing to protect your money, government bonds, savings account, fixed deposit, is the best way to keep money safe.

Although your money is more secure in all these government investment institutions, you may have less return on your investment.

05. To Reduce the Tax Burden

The benefit of invested capital also helps in providing you tax exemption. Many investors refer to such investment schemes in which you get benefits under the Tax Act made by the government. Public Provident Fund (PPF) is an example of this scheme in which you get the benefit of tax exemption.

Therefore you should invest your money in such an investment scheme to take advantage of your tax exemption. This will reduce your tax liability.

06. Invest to Help Raise Money

If you start investing, the first objective is that your money should increase year after year. To increase the capital, you have to make long-term investments, with this goal, you should invest in a scheme that will increase your principal after a long period.

It is necessary to choose the right investment for the capital earned from your hard work. Consider investing in good returns on your money. Investment options are available to you, such as mutual funds, stock market, real estate, fixed deposits, commodities, and equities.

One thing to note here is that whenever you invest money in an investment scheme, you must understand the risk in it because all these schemes include risk along with returns.


In today's article, I told you what investment is and why investment is important. It is necessary to learn about this before investing. Set your goals before investing. Only after understanding these things should you start the investment process.

It is very important to choose the right investment to meet your short term and long term goals, if you do not know much about investing, then you should seek the help of a good financial advisor.

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