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Best 13 Money Making Blogging Niche Ideas

Best 13 Money Making Blogging Ideas to Launch in 2020

Are you looking for a career in blogging? Do you want to earn your income through affiliate marketing? If you are considering making money through blogging then in today's article I will tell you about 13 top blogging niches.

There are many websites on the internet where you can earn millions of rupees every month from your website without any content and SEO.

Many people are making money from affiliate marketing and advertisements from their websites and blogs. Micro niche blog where you don't need to write any kind of article, yet you get thousands of traffic from Google.

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Best 13 Money Making Blogging Niche Ideas

Today's article will be a guide for those searching for micro-niche blog ideas. Blog or website ideas on which you can start working today and earn millions every month.

List Of 13 Best Blogging Niche Ideas

01. Holidays Calendar 

Even by creating a calendar site, you can make thousands to millions of rupees a month. Don't be surprised, it's true. You can take millions of traffic from Google every month by creating a calendar site.

You can make almanac on your calendar website, list public holidays, festivals of all religions, and give information about other important days.

Apart from the calendars seen in India, you can also make calendars for other countries like America, the United Kingdom, etc. You can also bring traffic from these countries to your site. You can get an opportunity to earn millions every month from calendar sites.

There are many websites on the Internet whose examples you can take such as websites like, calendar-, traffic of thousands to millions every month.

In the beginning, you will have to work hard to promote your website and when you reach a good place, then there is no limit to your earning.

02. Poems and Shayari Websites

Poetry and poem which most people like to read and millions of people all over the world discover new ideas about poetry and poems.

People also like to read poetry and poems related to the difficulties of falling in their lives. Many famous poets in India have made a name in the world of poetry and poem.

If you like to write Shayari then you can make a website related to Shayari and poems. Apart from this, you can also allow other people to post poems and poetry on your website, which will gather good content on your site.

Google receives a large amount of traffic on sites related to poetry and poems, which makes it more likely to benefit your earnings.

03. Price

This is an affiliate marketing niche that is suitable for the Amazon affiliate program. You can set your goals on many countries to increase your goals or through this place.

Whenever a person or an organization considers buying a product, they search online and offline to find the price of that product at the least price. Many times individuals search for websites that offer them the best and lowest price product.

You have a golden opportunity that you can create a WordPress website where you can answer the questions related to the price of any product.

04. Government Jobs

Most of the youth of India dream of doing government jobs and most searches for government jobs in India are done through Google.

Every day, millions of people search for various sites to find government job notifications. Apart from India, government recruitment is also found in many countries.

If you can update the website every day, then you should make a website related to government jobs, where you can give information about government jobs running across the country.

There are thousands of websites associated with this niche in India, which are taking traffic in millions. If you need to confirm this, then these are some examples of websites:                          over 36.11 million                        more than 2 million                             more than 2.28 million

Creating websites related to government jobs is a good niche and it is completely legal because you are only giving the right information about government vacancies to the visitors.

You can earn money through advertising on your website, for this, you can use Google Adsense. To make more money from your website, you can sell a book or other product with affiliate marketing that may be useful to your visitors.

You can earn lakhs of rupees a month from only one site when you will get a lot of traffic on the site. To build your government job website, you can take the help of other government job information websites and get details of all vacancies.

05. Create Services Site Near Me

In the recent past, people seek solutions to everything related to their problems around them. Hence the search for words like "Near Me" increased rapidly. On the internet, people do many searches around them like a gym near me, food near me, ATM near me, dance classes in near, etc.

Best 15 Money Making Blogging Niche Ideas

I will show you the number of searches on Google for this keyword, which will give you an idea of ​​the search volume of this keyword.

You are seeing in the image of this UberSuggest tool how many searches on Google of near me keyword is. So you can consider making your website in this niche. With this, you will get thousands of visits from thousands every month.

By creating your website on this keyword, you can earn money through advertisements with the help of Google Adsense, as well as affiliate marketing. To work in this niche, you will need to write content but you will get good results with less hard work.

If you do SEO for your website, it will quickly rank in Google's search engine.

06. Free Converter/Compress Tool

People on Google mostly search for a file converter on Google to convert any of their files to another format. If you search for the word "converter", on UberSuggest you will find millions of searches for this keyword, which also has less competition.

People search many types of keywords on the Internet such as pdf converter, jpeg converter, etc., all these keywords are searched in millions on Google.

To understand from the example, if I tell about, the work of this site is only to compress the image and this site has traffic of 3 million. Similarly, if we talk about, then this website gets more than 1.3 million traffic every month.

These are just a few examples and there are many keywords that you can search with the help of UberSuggest or other keyword research tools to find their search volume and build your website under your niche.

So I suggest if you build your website on this niche with the help of a website developer, then you can have an income of thousands to millions every month.

07. Lyrics Website

Nowadays people use online platforms to listen to their favorite songs. Also, people want to learn the words of their favorite song so that they can hum the song of their choice. If you build a website on songs, this would be the best niche.

You have to add lyrics to all kinds of new and old songs on your website. Make separate pages for different songs on your website and along with that you copy songs from other websites and paste them on your website.

If you want to make your website attractive, then build a site with the help of a good developer and give complete information about the songs to your visitors like singers, artists, music directors, etc. This will make your site attractive and your visitors will get a good experience.

You can add more songs to your website based on the different languages spoken in the country so that all kinds of people start coming to your site.

AZ Lyrics which is one such website and has monthly traffic of 33.3 million.

08. Essays & Speeches

During the schooling of most of the children, children are given the task of writing essays, and it is also necessary for school education. In today's time, the growing Internet has made the process of essay writing easier for people.

Now people search on the internet about essays and speeches on many topics like Independence day, Environment day, Teacher's day, Essay on saving water, etc. Similarly, when the opportunity comes to give a speech for an event, people search on the ideas of speech on the Internet.

If you build your website with this niche then you also get many opportunities to earn a good income and the competition in this niche is very less.

09. Customer Care Number

People use many types of products from time to time in their lives and many big brands of products they use like Apple, Samsung, Internet service providers, etc. Similarly, there are thousands of brands that we use in everyday life.

If you are using a product and for some reason, there is a problem, then the person contacts the service center of the brands associated with the product for which it uses methods such as call, email.

If you build a website that can provide customer service numbers for all types of products, then this will be a very good way for you to earn. You can serve the world through your website and provide contact details of all the brands around the world.

10. Wish Messages

Most people are now looking for good greetings on the internet to speak and thank someone else for good luck, bad news, event, festival, or sorry because most people are not aware of giving good greetings. That is why people search for greeting messages on online sites to wish another person.

People on the internet search for messages on the festivals celebrated in the country such as Holi, Diwali, Birthday, Love, Wedding, Breakup, Independence Day, Mother's Day, etc. If you build a website related to all these things, then your website will give you good money in no time.

You can create messages from 100 to 150 in all these categories and if you are creative, then you can also add content written by you. You can also do a little SEO to get your posts in Google's search, which will improve your ranking.

You can also earn money from your website through Google Adsense and other affiliate methods.

11. Pin Codes and Zip Codes

Pin code identification is required to visit any place in India and millions of people all over the world search for PIN codes to identify places.

You can make money by advertising with the help of Google Adsense by creating your website with this theme. You can provide pin codes and zip codes of other countries along with India on your website.

12. Net worth & Biography

Most people like to know about celebrities like cricketers, actors, actresses, sportsmen, politicians, etc. and read about their annual earnings and their life struggles.

People are eager to know about their earnings, property, wife, girlfriend, etc. There are many websites on the Internet where you will get information about these celebrities. There are thousands of people around the world, whose details you can give on your website.

You can start working on this kind of website and earn money by advertising with Google Adsense.

13. Train PNR Status / Flight Status

Millions of people travel by air and rail every day around the world and they check PNR status to confirm their travel ahead of their travel time.

Millions of people in India travel by train and they book their tickets several months in advance, yet many times their ticket is not confirmed, so people check the PNR status to confirm their ticket.

Although PNR status is available on the official website of Railways, you can give information on PNR status on your website with the help of tracking software.

You can hire a website developer to create a WordPress website through online websites such as UPWORK.


In today's article, you were told about the Best 13 Money Making Blogging Niche Ideas. With a micro-niche blog or website, you can bring millions of traffic every month and earn money from Google Adsense and affiliate programs.

These ideas of creating a micro niche website will be beneficial for you, many people are earning up to millions of rupees every month from such a micro niche website.

If you too are considering making a career on a website or blog, then you can start working on such a niche.

How did you like my article, write to me with your thoughts and share this article on your social media.

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