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15 Apps To Earn Money From Home in India 2020

Best 15 Money Earning App by Which 

You Can Earn Money Fast In 2020

Do you use a smartphone?  Do you want to earn extra income from your smartphone?

You can start earning money at home in India during your free time, using your smartphone. The growing influence of the Internet and science has given many people the opportunity to earn from home.

There are many opportunities to earn money sitting at home, but the question is how to earn money and how to earn it appropriately.

There are many such apps that give you opportunities to earn money from home, in this article today, I am going to tell you about the top 15 money earning apps.

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15 Apps To Earn Money From Home in India 2020
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Apps that help you earn money sitting at home in India. There are many apps from which you can earn money and many companies conduct surveys with the help of people, instead of which companies give money to people.

Many apps also pay for playing games. Companies write reviews for their product and pay in return. Today's article is going to be very important for those who are looking for opportunities to earn from apps.

15 Best Money Earning Apps

01. Drop App

Around 3 million people are using drop apps. On this app, you are rewarded with points for making purchases. You will be given as many points each time you use this drop app.

This app does not give you cash rewards, but you have to use gift cards at places like Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks to cash in on these points.

It is free to join.

02. Perk App

Perk is the simplest and easiest platform for a user to make money. You can earn points by completing tasks on this app. To win an Amazon voucher, you can do the following such as watching videos, playing games.

This platform is quite popular for earning money from home online.

03. Rakuten App

Rakuten is a platform that formally gives you a cash payment back on purchases.

There are thousands of shops participating in this platform. These stores pay commission to Rakuten via referral, and Rakuten pays a commission to their users as cash return payments.

You can earn cash rewards on the purchase of salmon from many big brands like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. I suggest that you join Rakuten today and you can get a bonus value of up to $ 10 by shopping as a member.

04. Google Opinion Rewards

You can earn from a smartphone with a paid survey. To get started you have to download Google Opinion Awards and become a member.

Complete a short survey on the range of possible topics shown on this platform. You can also make additional income with Google Opinion Rewards, for this, you have to share your TV and Internet with Google Opinion Rewards.

05. Cointiply

You earn in bitcoins through this app. This app pays you in the form of bitcoins by playing games, surveying, installing apps, and watching advertisements.

If you are in India, you can convert your bitcoins into hard cash through WazirX. If you are in another country, you can get your bitcoins paid in cash through Coinbase.

06. Foap App

Believe it, you can earn money by selling your photos and videos from the Foap app. This is the best way to earn from home.

For this, you have to create your profile, after this, you will have to upload your photos and videos on this app. When your photos are purchased by another person or company, you will make a profit and you will have to share some of that profit on Foap.

You can use a PayPal account to capitalize on your earned income.

07. MooCash

With this app, you can make money with the help of a screen locker. You can use this app to watch videos on this app and claim your cash through Google Rewards Card or PayPal.

To earn extra, you have to test the products of companies so that you can make money by earning extra.

08. Sweatcoin

You can make money even while walking, yes you have heard right. With Sweatcoin you can earn money on the go.

For this, you have to install the Sweatcoin app on your smartphone and keep this app running at all times so that this app will keep tracking your automated steps. For every 1000 steps, you will receive 0.95 Sweatcoin.

Note that you cannot get cashback from Sweatcoin. You can get these points redeemed with goods and services. Over 250 brands have partnered with Sweatcoin, most of which relate to lifestyle.

09. RozDhan

If you do micro quizzes from the RozDhan app or download a video and share it with your friends on platforms then through all these activities you help earn cash rewards.

It is integrated with App Paytm so that you can get the money earned directly in your account.

10. OfferUp

If you are looking for an online opportunity to earn money by selling extra items lying in your home, then the OfferUp App can help you in this work. You can sell your used goods in your local area with this app.

You need to write an attractive picture of the goods and a good description that attracts other customers to buy your goods.

On this app, you can sell any item, whether an appliance or a car.

You do not even need to get personalized to deliver goods to your customers, in this app you can take advantage of shipping facility and sell in any part of the country.

You can buy and sell cheap goods for yourself through this OfferUp app.

11. Ibotta App

You can also use the Ibotta app when you buy goods from physical stores. This app also allows you to upload goods receipts, which will earn you rewarding points.

You do not need to purchase through any link. You can use the payment from this app with some national brands like dominos,, Walmart, etc.

Over the years, Ibotta has paid more than $ 600 million to its users. When you become a member of Ibotta for the first time, you receive a payment of up to $ 20 as welcome.

12. Acorns

This app works to invest your money in an investment. This app converts your spending into a round figure, it can be understood as this, if you buy clothes from a mall and spend your $ 11.50, then this app goal by adding $ 0.50 to your amount. And $ 0.50 goes into your investment account.
If you want to invest and are worried about not having more money, then this app can be useful for you because you can start investing in it with less money.

You will have to answer some questions about your risk-taking. You have to give a portfolio to suit your requirement on Acorns.

13. Slidejoy App

Digitization is constantly increasing in our daily lives and we see digital advertisements every day, but did you know that you will get paid by looking at advertisements. It is possible to do this through Slidejoy.

This app shows ads on the lock screen of your smartphone and whenever you unlock your smartphone you will see a new advertisement. This app is available for Android users. You can use PayPal to cash in on your score reward.

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14. Mobee 

This is a secret shopper app. It gives you missions to get points, it can belong to different stores. All you have to do is install this app on your smartphone and you have to browse the mission for your region.

It can be related to any brand shop, from small to large. The set of tasks is ready to complete each mission. You will have to answer some survey questions and take some pictures which are inside the shop.

You are rewarded for this work. All the points you earn are also gift cards for many big brands. If you start the process of redeeming your rewards then you will have to wait for 24 to 48 hours.

15. Mercari App

You can use the Mercari app to sell your goods. Install this app on your smartphone and start listing your items on this app.

List attractive photos Write beautiful details and set a reasonable price for yourself. To place shipping labels on your goods you will receive by email from Mercari.

You can sell any product like headphones, clothes, speakers, etc. on Mercari. This app is free to join and charges a minimum of 10% commission on the sale of your products. Determine the price of your product after taking into consideration the commission price.

How to Earn Money By Apps

Making money using the app is a very simple and straightforward process. In most apps, you just have to create a very easy profile. Some apps ask for more qualifications from you.

Many apps give you opportunities to earn money only after creating a profile without any lengthy process. You need to have a PayPal account so that you will be able to cash out your earnings.

How to Choose The Best Money Earning App

Which will be the best app for you, so that you will be able to earn more and think well. Do a good search for the app and start making money.

Prepare and evaluate the list of lowest-earning apps. After taking care of everything, think about earning from your app.

How hard you have to work

While choosing an app, keep in mind that with which app you will have to work hard and with which app you can earn money without working hard.

If you are considering earning money without going home, then select such apps that give you opportunities to make money right from home.

There are many apps with which you may need to go to another area or place to work and survey.

Make sure to work hard on the app and calculate the payment amount and choose the right app.

Payment Method and Time

Gather complete information about the payment cashout facility offered by the app. Many give you the facility to cash out through PayPal, while many apps give you a check through the mail.

Many apps do not pay you cash, so they offer you a reward. It is important to get complete information about the terms and conditions before joining the app.

It is also necessary to take information about how long it takes for you to earn your earnings.

Fee and Initial Investment Information

Many apps are free to be included in the list of apps mentioned above, but there are many apps that you will have to pay to join. If you want to earn money without paying any fee, start with the free subscription app.


In today's article, you were told about 15 Apps To Earn Money From Home. This article will guide those who are looking for opportunities to earn money without any investment from home.

Share your thoughts about the information given by me and how you liked it and share this article with others on social media.

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