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Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

Best 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make 

Money In 2020

The constantly growing online world and growing online surveys are now becoming the basis of making money online. An online survey is most suitable for many people who are serious about making money online.

There are paid sites on the Internet which gives you a golden opportunity to make money sitting at home. For the source of your additional income, you can start earning from an online survey medium.

To earn from online surveys you need to spend some time on your laptop/computer or smartphone and you will be able to easily earn from $ 100 to $ 1500 every month.

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Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020
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Many big companies in the world give you money in the form of payment to gather information about your product and consider surveys as a good method.

In return, you get cash rewards, coupons, etc. Many other survey sites give you a cash payment amount. But finding paid sites online is a difficult task.

Today's article is going to tell you about the 15 best online survey payment sites that pay you high and it is famous worldwide.

15 Best Legit Online Survey Jobs Sites

01. Branded Surveys

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

Through a branded survey, you can earn money by doing online paid surveys from home. This platform pays for completing online surveys and other tasks.

This platform is quite simple to use which provides a good user experience. To start an online survey on this platform, you have to sign up with them, upon completion of which you will get the benefit of some points.

There are many types of surveys on this platform and to complete them you have to use your laptop or smartphone. You will get points on completing each survey.

When you work with full loyalty, you get extra credit and you get a good chance to earn more at a higher level.

02. Swagbucks Surveys

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

The most popular and trusted reward platform is Swagbucks. There are many ways to make money from Swagbucks, one of them is the survey.

Swagbucks has collaborated with many big retailers and brands, which is quite well known. You can get cash rewards and free gift cards from Swagbucks to answer the survey and influence other brands.

You can use a PayPal account to cash out any gift coupons or cash payments you earn. You can start your career by making daily goals to earn more by answering more and more surveys.

To make money from Swagbucks, you have to sign up and you can make money by verifying yourself, the more survey answers you give, the more earning and points you will earn. Also, if you add someone else by referral, then you can increase the earnings further.

03. iSurveyWorld

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

Each online survey you conduct iSurveyWorld pays you in cash. You have to sign up on their platform to make money online. When you become a part of this site then you can earn online.

Surveys on this platform focus on products and other services. You can earn instantly by signing up with iSurveyWorld. There is no limit to your earning from this platform. Take more online surveys and make more money.

When you earn a minimum by the survey, you can get it cashed with your Pay Pal account.

04. Surveypolice

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

This is one of the oldest and popular sites. The process of registration on this site is quite simple, with a few easy steps, sign up can be done on this site. This site lists a variety of online surveys, which you will earn a life point upon completing.

With 4000 or more life points, you can redeem up to $ 40 from many big companies like Starbucks, Amazon. In the case of 5000 or more life points, you can take the cash amount in your PayPal account.

05. Opinion Square Survey

Its meaning can be understood by its name. This is a paid survey site that rewards you for sharing your opinion online. You can also give your opinion via email.

A wide variety of topics and perspectives can be easily understood on this platform. You can choose a wide variety of categories, which can help you earn more rewards.

Your earnings depend on the survey you participate in. You can earn gift cards and gift vouchers based on these surveys.

06. Survey Savvy

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

The survey company has long been working on linking Opinion shares with shopkeepers and pays cash prizes in return. Surveys are focused on demographics, if your profile matches the survey, you may be invited by email to participate in the survey.

After passing a good test you are awarded a cash prize. Your earnings can start earning up to $ 5 per survey for the answers you give. You can double your income through a referral system to earn more.

If your referral earns more surveys, you will earn a portion of it as an earner. So if you want to earn more then prepare your referral base.

07. InboxDollar Survey

InboxDollore was founded in 2000 and has more than 20 million subscribers so far. The platform is a cash-based reward workplace and is a good community for taking online surveys.

Apart from paid surveys, there are other sources of your earnings like you can earn money by playing games, shopping, reading emails. Only after signing up on this platform, you get the sign-up bonus.

There is a definite time limit for completing any survey you work on and you have to complete it within the same stipulated time. Your earnings on each survey can be up to $ 6 or above.

The more surveys you complete, the more money you can make. To convert your money into cash, you have to earn a minimum of $ 35.

08. Survey Junkie 

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

You can earn extra money with Survey Junkie by using your free time. If you are making money along with your work, then this platform is suitable for you.

You can simplify the process of Sign Up with your Facebook or Google Eid on this platform. You will also receive some bonus points as soon as you complete the process of Sign Up.

This site is very easy to use and provides a good user experience. You can make money based on the survey, the more you solve the survey, the more your earnings will increase.

09. LifePoints

LifePoints is one of the most influential communities worldwide and it can be estimated that the platform has awarded millions of dollars to its affiliated members.

While the sign-up process has to be completed at all survey sites, the process of qualifying for paid surveys at LifePoint is easy. This is an important factor when sign-up at survey sites. To complete the survey on this platform, it can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

This pay per survey may be different than other sites, but you can start making money by giving your opinion on surveys on these sites in your spare time.

10. iPoll Survey

The iPole platform is the most reputed and international survey paying site. They are paid for conducting surveys from market research companies. Also, you have to complete the demographic tests before all the surveys to qualify.

The signal sub-process is easy and you receive a bonus score of up to $ 5 in the account upon signing up. You can earn popular gift rewards along with your favorite brands. You will have to earn a minimum of $ 25 to receive cash out through your PayPal account.

11. MyPoints

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

Like other platforms, the My Points platform also works, it pays you to respond to surveys as well as watch videos, make selections, and complete various other activities. You can earn gift vouchers by shopping.

This platform offers you some welcome points even when you are not able to survey My Points, you can also consider it as a sign-up bonus. You can join this platform to make money through online surveys.

12. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a low payout limit and easy for paid surveys to start with. By surveying this platform you will earn points and if you earn minimum marks, you can get cash with the help of PayPal account.

There are many online surveys available on this platform through which you can earn money. Provide your opinion on more and more surveys and earn extra income.

13. Survey Downline

Surveys Dovnlinne is a popular site that comes with the best referral programs. This platform also allows you to pay for surveys. There are various types of surveys on this site which pays the participants in that survey based on their evaluation.

A simple sign-up procedure has to be completed to connect with Survey Dovnlinne and you are initially welcomed with attractive cash gifts.

You can earn up to $ 3 per survey, and you can easily earn up to $ 90 per month if you participate in regular surveys. If you want to earn extra, you can earn commission through referral. You can use a PayPal account to cash out your earnings.

14. VIPVoice

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

VIP Voice is a good site for earning through surveys, it is popular for its surveys and services. Express your opinion by joining this platform with easy steps, in return, you will be rewarded with some reward.

You will have to use a webshop to redeem all the points you earn by participating in online surveys. Your earnings will be based on the surveys you have done. You can try your luck on the lucky draw scheme, it is a once a month process and through this, you can make up to $ 5000.

15. Harris Poll Online

Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites To Make Money In 2020

Harris Poll Online has become a reputable and reliable site with its online survey and decades old. Harris Poll Online is a good site for good and quick survey results.

On Harris Poll, you get various opportunities to increase earnings. It operates a variety of reward programs. Harris Poll Online is the perfect place for teenagers who want to earn money in their spare time or during their holidays.

The period of the survey is longer than other surveys and you can earn more by solving more surveys. You can redeem your rewards with Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart.

This site draws a lucky draw every quarter, you can try your luck in it and win up to $ 10,000.


In today's article, you were told about the Top 15 Online Survey Jobs Sites from which you can earn money online. Almost all the big brands want to know the opinion of the consumer to increase their product sales as it is the most important.

If you are also considering earning money through online surveys, then read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up on all these sites.

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