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Start Paper Bag Making Business With High Profit in 2020

Paper Bag Making Business With High Profit 

and Less Investment in 2020

The use of paper bags is now increasing greatly, people now prefer to use paper bags. The best thing is that paper bags do not harm the environment. Its demand is increasing daily, many big companies now use paper bags to pack their products. Paper bags have proved to be a good alternative to reduce the harmful effects on the environment using plastic bags.

If you can start the business of making paper bags from today, it will be a golden opportunity for you to grow your business, because the paper bag business is going to be long-lasting. Depending on the market situation, start your own paper bag making unit. It is necessary to take care of the production quality in your business so that you can establish your place in the market.

Do not compromise on the quality in your business, this will be the basis for growing your business, so keep a special day of quality in your paper bag production.

This article will guide those who are considering starting a paper bag making business. Through this article, you will get information about paper bag making, machine, investment, etc.

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Start Paper Bag Making Business With High Profit in 2020
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Paper Bags Business 

Paper bags are used in all sections of society. Many types of bags are made which are used in different areas. Such paper bags are being used in almost every major area in which goods are packed and kept. If you use paper bags for food packing, you have to take special care of quality standards and hygiene.

When making paper bags for food items, you have to follow all the rules, so that the freshness and quality of the food items remain. From time to time, he inspected the paper bags he had made. To make a paper bag you must decide your niche, below are several types of paper bag details.

You can make food items, shopping bags, party bags, medical bags. Paper bags are also made in large numbers according to the requirement of industrial areas.

Investment Required for Paper Bag Manufacturing

Paper bag making is a small scale business, and it does not require a lot of investment to start this business. It comes under the category of minimum investment business. You can create your business model to suit your ability. Your investment will depend on your needs like how much land you need, how much machinery you need, labor force, etc. Your investment will be decided on.

Clarify the size of your business and prepare a roadmap for investment. You have to buy a paper bag making machine according to your production capacity. The estimated cost of paper bag making machine can be from 7 lakh to 16 lakh. The price of the machine depends on its production capacity.

This business can also be started with the help of semi-automatic machines. This type of machine is easily available at a low price. Semi-automatic machines reduce your production efficiency and its production depends on your labor force. It is part of the manual unit.

Do an in-depth search about all types of resources and buy resources as per your requirement. A good business plan and research can reduce your investment costs, it will help in reducing your investment. It is necessary to choose a good supplier to buy raw materials.

Ensure Location for Manufacturing Unit

To reduce your investment, choose a location where your construction costs are low. Choose a place where you can get electricity, manpower, rent, etc. at a low cost. Consider all these things well, it reduces your investment cost, so that you can increase your production capacity.

You can choose a semi-urban location apart from the city for your manufacturing unit, where you will have all the necessary items at a low cost. By starting a unit in a rural area, you will also create employment opportunities for the local people there.

Prepare a plan for the distribution and marketization of the paper bags you make.

The Raw Material for Making Paper Bags

The supply of raw materials required to make a paper bag is an important part. Ensure daily production capacity and maintain raw material availability. You have to have a sufficient amount of raw material because of the lack of raw material directly affects your production capacity. Take special care of the quality of your raw materials.

For the raw material of paper bags you will need:

  • Paper roll
  • Paper sheet
  • Lace and Tag
  • Polyester stereo
  • Eyelets
  • Printing chemicals, ink

This raw material is an important part of your paper bag manufacturing process.

Essential Machines of Paper Bag Manufacturing

A good quality machine is very important for your paper bag making business. Your production capacity depends on your machines. Therefore, before purchasing the machine, know all the facts of that machine. Select a qualified and correct machine. Consider all these things deeply and select a machine with high production capacity, as well as check the quality of the machine.

Understand the type of machine, it's functioning. If you buy the machine after the right search, then you will be able to choose the machine suitable for your business. It would be better to buy the machine according to the production capacity of the machine and the size of the paper bag manufactured.

Here are some of the machines to be purchased:

  • Creasing Machine
  • Paper Bag Lace Tipping Machine
  • Paper Bag Punching Machine
  • Paper Bag Printing Machine
  • Testing Scale Machine
  • Bag Cutting Machine
  • Paper Bag Eyelet Punching Machine
  • Roll Slitter Motorized Machines
  • Stereo Press and Stereo Grinder

You can use them all, the performance level of all these machines varies. This machine can be automatic and semi-automatic. Therefore the price of machines varies. You can choose the machines for your business according to your requirement.

You have to pay attention to the maintenance of all the machines used, for this, you can hire a skilled person. This person will assist in maintaining the functioning of machine care and production capacity smoothly.

Check the machines regularly so that there is no damage to your production. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the machines, then in such a situation your production and quality will be affected.


Being a small scale business, this business does not require much labor force. You can start this business with the help of very few people. You may need more labor force to run your unit on a larger scale. You can start working with low paid workers, and after a little training, you will start working with the workers.

You do not have to be a skilled person to manufacture paper bags. You can start the production of the bag by training some labor. To give an attractive design to your product you will need a good and skilled graphic designer.

You can take the help of social media marketing to popularize your brand, and build your brand. Be sure to create an attractive logo to identify your company.

Essential Steps in Making Paper Bags

  • In the first step you have to decide the size of the bag, and use the necessary machine to cut and prepare the same size.
  • Print the logo and provide the required information.
  • With the help of an automatic machine, fix the paper, paste, and leave it for shear. If you use an automatic machine for this process, then your production capacity will increase.
  • Finally, the hole and the fitting of the lace have to be worked on.

The methods described may not be the same for all machines, each machine's operating procedure is different and depends on the design of the machine.

One thing to note here is that you have to keep the quality of your printing to the top.

License to Start Paper Bag Business

To run your business smoothly, you need to have all the documents associated with that business. It is part of a government process. You have to fulfill all the procedures created by the government to run your business legally.

You can apply to get a license for your business in the government-related department. Register your industry. You through online
You can send the application for registration of your business to the government.

Must take the GST number for the business. To start a unit of paper bag manufacturing, must obtain a certificate from the concerned department. Once you complete all the registration processes, you can start your business without any legal interruption.


In today's article, I told you in detail about Paper Bag Making Business. This article will help you start your business. The business of making paper bags is a small scale business that you can start from a small place. This business is expected to increase in the coming days and you can take advantage of this golden opportunity and make your income. With this business, you will also give employment to people and will help reduce the loss of plastic bags on the environment.

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