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10 Part-Time Jobs to make money in 2020

10 Part-Time Jobs That Will Boost Your Income

People in India continue to search for a variety of ideas for earning extra with their jobs. I have given many ways to earn extra money in my previous articles, which have proved to be very useful. There has been a huge increase in part-time jobs in the recent past.

Many youths are earning their livelihood from part-time jobs, and this is largely a good thing. If you have free time, you can earn a lot of money from part-time jobs.

In developed countries like the US, part-time workers are paid up to $ 40,000 per year in payments and this is a huge amount.

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If you are looking for part-time job opportunities then today's article is going to be very important for you. In today's article, I will tell about 10 Part-Time Jobs to make money in 2020.

Best Part-Time Jobs to make money

If you want to make more money from part-time jobs in 2020, then work on these ideas.

01. Copywriter

By working in the field of a part-time copywriter, you can easily earn an average of $ 20 to $ 25 per hour. For this, you must have good and creative writing skills. Nowadays all big companies and advertisers write excellent catchphrases and engaging content for their products and services.

Companies also pay well to do this part-time work, if you complete all these things then you can start working as a part-time copywriter.

If you can think creatively a lot and write for engaging content companies then you can make more money. If you are considering making money in your spare time then you should start copywriting freelance.

Demand for copywriters is expected to increase drastically in the coming years and with increasing digital marketing. Take advantage of this opportunity and increase your income.

02. Become Financial Advisor

By working as a financial advisor, you can make up to $ 50,000 a year. To function as a financial advisor you must have knowledge of financial services.

This idea is best for working part-time and it also has a lot of earning opportunities. You can start this work online or offline through any means.

As a financial advisor, you can offer the following services to people like:

  • Various savings schemes while doing jobs
  • Investment
  • Stock market
  • Retirement plans
  • Schemes related to wealth creation

There are many types of services that you can offer to your customers, even if you sell the financial services of another bank or company, you will still get a commission in exchange for that sale.

You can also start giving financial counseling facility free of cost, this will create a customer base.

03. Video Editor

The demand for a good video editor is increasing, as each company also resorts to engaging video content to present its products attractively. In high-income countries like the US, a video editor earns between $ 60,000 to $ 80,000 per year.

How much you can earn depends on your skills and your employer. If you start this part-time job as a professional, then you can earn a good income by joining a big company.

Create a good portfolio and show people through social media to increase your customer base. You may also get video editing demand from YouTubers. But you have to spend the day here YouTubers are not able to pay high for their video edit.

04. Become Online/ Offline Translator

Do you have any other foreign language skills then this is the best and best way to earn your income? As an online/offline translator, you can start a part-time job, this can be a golden opportunity in your income.

You can join and work with a big foreign company, earn money at the hourly rate. Many companies pay well for this. As a language translator between companies and their customers, you can make up to $ 50,000 per year.

The demand for language translators is increasing day by day, if you work as a professional in this work then you can earn a lot of money. You can charge a different price for each language.

05. Become a Journalist

If you have a passion for doing journalism, then it will be suitable work for you. As a part-time journalist, you can make a good income every year by doing things like news, insight, reviewer, news analyst, etc.

There has always been a need for part-time journalists and many large media organizations pay these journalists as freelancing. You can complete tasks like news script, latest news, etc. which will increase your earnings.

06. Content Writer

Do you have a passion for writing and have a passion for doing good writing, then content writing is a good option for you to develop your income.

You can offer your writing services for any blog, website, research, post, etc. If you have good writing skills, then you should consider a part-time job as a content writer. Your income depends on your writing expertise and employer.

If you start working as a freelancer then you can make money at an hourly rate. You can charge different prices for writing different types of content. If you are creative in content writing, then your income can be higher than others.

07. Online Tutor

If you like teaching other people and you are knowledgeable in any subject, then this golden opportunity to earn money by becoming an online tutor is suitable for you.

You can also teach students from other countries online and you can ask for at least $ 30 to $ 60 per hour. The trend of online education in India is growing rapidly, in which case you can take advantage of this opportunity and earn your income.

There are many websites in India, you can sign up for free and educated people on any subject. The more students you have, the higher your earning.

In the coming years, e-learning is rapidly spreading its wings, and creating opportunities for teachers to earn online.

08. Digital Marketer

Doing digital marketing is the best option for making money from a part-time job at home. Companies and many organizations get digital marketing done for marketing their products and services so that they can easily reach their target audience.

Your job as digital marketing is to promote a product and company on social platforms. Part-time digital marketers are in high demand and companies are also paying high prices to good marketers.

You can learn digital marketing through online medium, many online courses provide you this course at a low cost. Consider this task to make money doing a part-time job at home.

09. Bookkeeper

Freelance bookkeeping is a good option to make money online. In this field, you can start working with high profit and low-profit businesses. You have to keep the books of these businesses appropriately.

You can work from home to do this work and you can ensure work hours according to your own. Your job as a bookkeeper involves keeping a full account of your employer's money and giving details as needed.

10. Become an Online Fitness Trainer

Everyone knows about their body fitness and during the corona epidemic, people have paid attention to fitness, making yoga a part of their daily routine. Doctors have also researched and reported that a bad lifestyle can spoil your life and high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other major diseases that can come into your life.

You can avoid all these diseases by fitness and yoga. Many people go to the gym to complete their fitness, then many wealthy families complete their fitness online with the help of a fitness trainer. You can earn money at an hourly rate by working as an online fitness trainer.


In today's article, I told you about Best Part-Time Jobs. These part-time jobs ideas will be your guide for making more money, through which you can actually start earning your income.

You get all these jobs easily through online medium. There are many websites on the Internet, on which you can apply for these jobs by signing up for free. In a part-time job, you can work from home and set your own working hours.

Send me your comments about how you liked the information given by me and share this article on your social media.

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