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11 Passive Income Ideas That Can Make Money In 2020

11 Passive Income Ideas That Can Make Money In 2020

Everyone is looking for a passive income plan to meet their life goals from where the person will receive a passive income. There are many other tasks between these two to think about passive income and start it.

Passive income is considered a good source for people to increase their wealth and is supplemented by them. Time is not known when a difficult situation occurs in your life, so people are looking for ideas to make their passive income.

As everyone knows, in the crisis of this epidemic of coronavirus, the world is going through a recession and it is difficult for people to get out of such times and get passive income to meet their financial income. Expenditure. Necessary.

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11 Passive Income Ideas That Can Make Money In 2020

If you want to live the golden moments of your life comfortably after retirement, then you should build your wealth through passive income, so that you can easily accomplish your goals.

11 Passive Income Ideas In India

In today's article, we will talk about the idea of making a passive income. If you too are looking for ideas on a passive income strategy, then understand every idea and test it thoroughly for success and risk.

01. Income From Rental Property

Earning income from rental property has been considered as the most effective way of making passive income. You should understand how to convert your property into a profitable venture, if you do not think so, you can lose the investment made in your property and not earn more income.

To earn income from a rental property, you have to consider some important things:

  • How much return do you want on the investment you are making?
  • Description of the total cost of your property, and expenses.
  • If you keep your assets then you have to understand your financial risks.

At the risk of rental property you should give it on the day which is as follows:

  • Does the tenant pay you to rent late?
  • How much will your property hurt the tenant, and how much will it cost you to maintain it?
  • If your property is not a tenant, how much will you lose annually on your investment?

Seriously consider all these factors.

02. Peer-to-Peer Lending

P2P lending is a practice of borrowing money to qualify borrowing borrowers. If you are a lender, you have the option of choosing borrowers. You can spread your invested amount, which reduces your risk.

Lending Club is the most popular platform that facilitates peer-to-peer lending. The special feature of this platform is that investors can make a good return of 4-5% on average from this platform.

This is a passive income for you. You give your money as a loan and as a result, you get principal and interest.

03. Affiliate Marketing

Your task in affiliate marketing is to earn commissions by selling products from another party through you. Many website owners, bloggers, influencers are making money by promoting other productive products with the help of their social media sites.

You can take the example of Amazon, you can associate with Amazon and it is a free process. If someone else buys a product through your link, you get a commission based on the product category from that site.

This commission depends on the category of your product, and it varies according to different categories. It comes under a passive income.

If you are the owner of a website and blog, you can start earning by giving product links on your site. You have to attract your followers to buy the product by clicking on that link, if you do not do so then your earnings may get hampered.

Most important if you are new to affiliate marketing, then you need to spend more time creating content and get traffic to your site.

04. Savings Accounts

If you are looking for opportunities to make your passive income without any risk then you should deposit your money in a savings account that offers a higher interest rate.

You first gather information about the annual returns on the savings accounts of all banks and start with a savings account with a high-interest rate suitable for you.

In this case, your money is completely safe and helps you earn an income. It also needs to be noted that savings account rates fluctuate, which can change your income.

Your money in savings accounts is safe, but your passive income does not grow at a very high rate.

05. Sell Online Course

You can sell a subject or course online and earn an income from it. There are many online platforms available on the internet where online courses are sold or taught and fees have been fixed for it.

We can understand from Udemy's example, it is an online course provider platform. This platform provides video courses to users on various topics. On Udemy you can also create and sell a course on any subject or join this platform to teach.

You can access any subject like, art, drawing, marketing, and various other topics about which you are aware. With the help of this platform you can reach other people, and it will be a source of passive income for you.

06. Bond Investing

A passive income is also earned by investing in bonds, you buy loans outstanding by the government or other institution. In general, bonds are more conservative investments than stocks. It simply means that you will get less return on the amount invested in your bond. Also, your money is safe in it.

There are many types of investment schemes being run by the government. You can invest in high return bonds according to your need. When your bond matures, you can invest in a new bond from that principal. The duration of the bond is one year, three years, five years, or eight years.

If you have invested in a three-year bond, you can invest in a five-year or eight-year bond when this bond matures. If you want to avoid any kind of risk on your money, then you should invest in the bond scheme run by the government. Sometimes the risk in corporate bonds is high, so sometimes you can lose your principal.

07. Start Investing In a High-Yield CD

You can invest in a high-yield certificate to generate passive income. One can get the highest interest rates with a high-yield certificate of CD deposited in an online bank. For this, you can start by staying in your home.

To make the maximum CD, you have to search the top CD rates in the country. You will be able to select the top rates available in the country, for this you choose an online bank instead of going with the local bank, it is more profitable.

If your bank is fully enabled with FDCI, then your principal is safe, so investing in CD will be a safe step for you.

08. Start Advertising on Your Car

Yes, you heard right, you can earn a passive income by advertising on your car, and this business is also very popular. For this, you have to drive your car according to the distance of miles.

If you have a car with you, you can contact a trusted advertising agency that will evaluate your car and your driving, and if you meet the advertising agency's terms and conditions, then this advertising agency will show your car. Will be completely wrapped up by advertisements.

The advertising agency is looking for cars that can put advertisements in their car, you should also have a skilled driver with good driving skills and a clean driving record.

This is a great opportunity to earn from advertising on your car without any additional investment. You can make hundreds of rupees per month from your car without any investment. In this kind of advertisement, companies pay you miles, the longer you travel, the more money you will get.

09. Dividend Stocks

Shareholders in companies that provide regular profits are paid regularly by the company. Whatever profit the companies make pays cash dividends based on quarterly results. The more shares you hold in a company, the more profit you make, the higher your payout.

You earn a passive income by investing in a profitable share. You just have to work hard and wisely to choose the right shares. This market is full of risks, many times people invest in stocks without investigation and lose their money.

Before investing in any company's stock, get good information about that company about its investors, only then you start investing in the stock.

It would also be a good idea to invest in ETF funds. ETFs are funds that come with assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities but are traded like stocks. ETFs are suitable for newcomers as they are easy to understand. These funds are highly liquid and are cheap. Their returns are better than you from mutual funds.

10. Rent a Room In Your House

The best way to make a passive income is to rent a room in your house or on your property. You can rent a room or place you are not using to make money.

There are many websites on the Internet where you can list your property for rent, such as Airbnb. On this platform, you can set the rent and conditions for your property to suit yourself. If you rent your place for a long time, then you will get a passive income every month. You can make more money by investing in this income elsewhere.

You will also have some risks like you may be harmed by letting out your property on rent to an unknown person. Many times tenants can damage your property or even steal other items of your house. Therefore, you should do a thorough investigation before renting a property or room to an unknown person.

11. Blogging

In India, the trend towards blogging has increased, and many people have started blogging in recent times. Slow blogging leads you to success. Blogging can be a passive income tool for you, but it takes time. To earn money from blogging, you have to work hard and wait for some time, only then you will be able to earn by becoming a successful blogger.

To start blogging, first of all, you should like writing, if you have the skills to write good writing material then you start blogging. Display quality articles on your blog. Invite people to read your article.

Earning from blogging depends on the traffic coming to your blog, the more traffic will come to your blog, the more you will be able to earn money.

Before starting a blog, know your interest in which subject you will start writing a blog. You can start blog writing on health, fitness, food, travel, ways to earn money, and more.


In today's article, I told you about 11 Passive Income Ideas that you can start in 2020 and earn passive income for yourself. You can start working on the methods mentioned in this article from today, and you can enjoy your golden days after your retirement.

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