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35 Low Investment Business With High-Profit Potential

35-Low Investment Business Ideas To Start In India 2020

Are you considering starting your own business in small capital? Starting a small business does not require a lot of capital investment.

Know your skills and use the tools you have before starting a business. Consider turning your hobby into your business model. In today's article, we will know about businesses with low capital investment.

Many people are unable to start a business by thinking about the investment cost before starting a business. People want to start their own business but they do not succeed due to a lack of ability to spend more.

If you are looking for business ideas with low capital investment, then today's article will guide you to 35 Low Investment Business With High-Profit Potential.

35 Low Investment Business With High-Profit Potential

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List of 35 low investment business

01. Art Consulting 

In this business, consultants have a passion for art, their job is to guide the right people to the right art. Art Advisor serves both artists and art collectors. There are many types of art and due to the large variety of art styles, it is for people with artistic backgrounds as their career.

You can make your presence felt by connecting with art gallery directors and collectors. As a consultant, you can create your low-cost professional website, buy and sell artworks, and with it, you will be able to get a good commission.

02. Home Tutor's Business

The home tuition business is a very low cost, for this, you will have to invest in studies related to things like chair and board. If you have knowledge of any subject and you can educate children, then you can start giving tuition at home.

In addition to schooling, children need additional teachers to understand their subject well, which they complete through tuition.
You can also charge children for an hourly price. It is a very good business if you are looking for a profession in the field of education.

03. Video Maker

Many companies, influencers, and celebrities on social media platforms such as YouTube earn through their videos and try to make their videos attractive, as many people do not have the tools and experience to make good and engaging videos. Huh. In such a situation, they enlist the help of a well-skilled video-making professional who produces engaging video content for them.

If you have the skills to make attractive videos and have a good portfolio, you can offer to create video content for individuals and companies or you can start earning in this field by becoming a freelancer.

04. Online Dating Consultant 

If you want to make contact with other humans or you care about talking to other people, then you can start an online dating consulting agency from your home. As an online dating consultant, filtering people's messages and finding interesting people to match can be a job for you.

05. Vlogger or Blogger

If you have good knowledge about a specific subject or area and can act in front of the camera to create online videos, then you should start a blog or vlog as a professional, this is decent earning for you Will be the way of.

To start your blog you will need the internet with a laptop or computer. If you start your career in vlogging, then you will have to invest in a good camera, video editing software, and other necessary things for it.

Once you have created a successful blog and blog, you can earn from it by offering advertisements, become an influencer, and start a decent earning.

06. eBay Business

People with business intelligence are earning well through eBay sales. You can market any of your products through eBay, this will be a good source of earning for you.

For this, you have to take care of some main things like:
  • You must have a good knowledge and understanding of your opponents.
  • Be aware of your competition and be aware of their price.
  • Create a good product picture.
  • Create effective and attractive offers to increase your product sales.
  • A good revenue business plan has to work where you have to transact a quality product.

07. Personal Training Profession

The demand for a personal trainer is always in the market. Many people are highly conscious about their health, preferring to have a personal trainer for themselves. The job of a trainer is for his clients to exercise according to their physical capacity and take care of their diet.

If you start the work of a personal trainer with a certificate, you can reach more customers and gain their trust. You can earn up to $ 1000 every month when you get a steady customer. Before becoming a personal trainer you should know all things related to physical health and it is very important to have a good understanding of a nutritious diet.

08. Art Teacher

Art has its separate world which is decorated in many ways and decorated with many colors. There is also competition in the field of art. To earn a name in the field of art, you have to be constantly creative.

You can also start earning from your art through side gigs. You can educate others who are interested in the field of art. You can advertise yourself as a teacher. You can start this business from home with very little capital investment. You can charge per hour.

09. Music Lessons

If you are interested in the subject of music and can teach others how to play musical instruments. This can become a source of extra income sitting at home for you. Start teaching music of different genres, you can also charge your students hourly fee. You can charge different prices with different types of music from your customers.

10. Nanny Service

The nanny service business is growing at a very fast pace, mostly in big cities, many people take help of nanny services to take care of their children at home, in return for which they pay a considerable amount. You can start an agency and get it registered with the government and start providing nanny service, it can earn millions of rupees income for you every month.

 For this business, you will need moderate investment in which you will rent an office, advertise the company, spend on a vehicle and online website, and manpower. Once you have a large number of followers, you will start earning a lot from this business.

11. Meal Planner

Everyone likes to taste different dishes. But not everyone knows about budget cooking. Your job as a meal planner is to help your customers follow easy recipes, prepare a list of ingredients, provide information on nutritional foods in the meal, prepare a budget plan for the meal, and help your customers Educating with addictions is included.

12. Cyber Security Consultant

If you are knowledgeable about computers and the internet and are very passionate too, then the business of cybersecurity consultants will be beneficial for you. Many large companies seek the help of cybersecurity advisors to protect their software and company accounts and to avoid the attack of hackers for whom companies pay millions. You can earn a good income every month by offering cybersecurity services.

13. Captcha Entry

Captcha entry personnel are in great demand in the market. Captcha means filling the words written in the image on a website page on the blank page below.

Earlier companies and individuals used to create thousands of accounts on a website every day, then captcha was created to solve this problem so that only one person can create accounts at a time and not robots.

Companies need workers to solve thousands of captchas daily, so you can start a captcha entry and build a decent income for yourself.

14. Curriculum Vitae Writer

A good resume gives your profile a good foundation from which you can attract the attention of recruiters. Not everyone knows how to write a good and attractive resume, for this you must have good writing skills. If you have good writing skills, you can start a business of writing resumes from home.

You can start it through some online websites:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

It is a completely online process, you can earn good money by making online customers.

15. Buying and Selling Domain Names

To earn millions of rupees at home, you can start a business of buying and selling domain names with little capital investment. The business takes place through the Internet and is completely online-based.

Before starting the business of buying and selling domain names, you need to have a detailed knowledge of it. There are many big platforms on the Internet through which you can trade to buy and sell domain names.

You can also buy and book some good and unique domain names and sell them by bidding online if a company or person likes your domain name, you can sell it at the price of your choice.

16. Content Creation

The increasing use of social media and 24 * 7 news providers has opened up the doors of earning for writers and graphic designers. The job of these writers and designers is to create high-quality content for media and businesses. Good content gives your followers a good experience, which proves to be helpful in the growth of the company's business.

You can also start online, there are many platforms on the Internet from where you can start creating content, for this, you need to have a laptop or computer and good internet.

17. Stock Market Trading

Many people dream of becoming rich from the stock market and many people become rich from the stock market, but before investing in the stock market, you should know it, because it is a volatile market.

Earning can also be started by investing less capital in the stock market, but for this, you have to stay connected with the stock market for a long time, if you are a new investor then you will need to understand the stock market first.

The stock market has made many people successful but you have to understand the risks of this market before investing.

18. Fitness Centre

As nowadays everyone is becoming very aware of their health, women have also started thinking about their health, if you start a fitness center, then you will earn money a lot, but for this you have all kinds of equipment and a Good environment that will get you more customers Start a fitness center, taking care of your client's convenience. Initially, it will require a lot of investment, but with a one-time investment, you will always earn money.

19. PG Service

It is also a difficult task for students to find a place to live along with studies and in big cities, students come to study from far-flung areas, in such a way, you can earn a lot by giving them PG services for them. If you do not have a big apartment, you can earn money by becoming a broker.
You can attract students by giving them a clean living space with basic needs.

20.  Customized T-Shirt Printing

There is a lot of excitement about fashion among the youth. Most of the youth prefer to wear different-looking clothes that are lighter in appearance and some groups are unique, preferring to wear customized T-shirts simultaneously.

In such a situation, if you start a T-shirt printing business, then the cost of investing in it is low and the earnings will be according to you, you can sell the T-shirt at your rate, and in this, you will get T-shirt printing orders will also be received.

21. Foreign Language Classes

You can start this business Part-time with your job, the business of teaching languages ​​spoken in foreign countries is in great demand as well as more earning opportunities, if you know any foreign language then this Your earning can become a source and you can start this business from home.

You can start teaching the language by creating an online YouTube channel or your website, or make money by selling online courses.

22. Catering Business

In India, festivals are always running in the country and people use catering services in every function, everyone nowadays spends a lot of money on good catering. To be successful in the business of catering, it is very important to know about it. Because people mostly give importance to cleanliness and good service in catering

You need some investment in the catering service and when you start getting orders, then this business can earn you a lot of money.

To make the catering business successful, you need to keep yourself updated in it, the better your service, the more benefit your business will give.

23. Automobile Spare Parts

This business is always in demand, you can start earning by becoming a supplier of automobile spare parts like oil, batteries, lubricants, etc. But you have to understand everything related to this business because there are people in the market who are duplicate spare parts. They are also selling goods.
After getting into this business, you can start your own business and get a spare parts agency.

24. Cleaning Business

The cleaning business comes on the list of low-cost businesses. The cleaning business demands long manual labor. You can start providing cleaning services, there is a demand for cleaning staff in most places like office and accommodation. You can start specializing in a specific type of cleaning.

For this, you will have to invest some money in cleaning equipment and their maintenance, if you have a crushed employee then you can serve many customers in a day, it will be a good source of earning for you.

25. Marketing Service

Marketing is the key to making any business successful. Everyone needs to do marketing to sell their goods. Every business depends on marketing. The sales of any company depend on its marketing strategy and the company's goods A whole marketing team works to sell, if you are a good professional marketing person, then you can earn millions by marketing for the company, in the coming time, everything will depend on marketing.

26. Play Store

This business can be started by creating a large play area, as nowadays children cannot get enough space to play and they miss a lot of things, so if you make a children's play park in a big place then start Business now.
Apart from this, you can also start a children's crèche at that place. To manage their children in the busy life of parents, the crèche-related business is in great demand.
In this type of business, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you have all the necessary items related to the safety of children and there are enough people to take care of the children.
You will have to invest a lot in this type of business, you may have to wait to earn more.

27. Sporting Goods Retail Business

Sports-related stuff like a cricket bat, balls, wickets, players kit, helmets, gloves, shoes, footballs, rackets, etc. This way you can open a store for sports-related goods. Your investment in this business will be more because you need customer And according to their demand, you have to keep all the items related to sports and also stock of branded goods. This is a good business to earn money.

28. Wedding Planner

In India and other countries, the help of wedding planners is being taken to prepare the wedding plan, whose job is to prepare the wedding plan completely. Many people use different types of themes in their wedding. Nowadays, the bride also enters exclusively, many people plan a wedding on the beach and there are many ways that people make their wedding memorable. In such a situation, the role of the wedding planner is important.

29. Candle Making

The business of making candles can be started by women from home with moderate capital investment from home. There is a lot of change in the method of making candles every day, many types of candles are seen in the market, which seems quite attractive, many people use these candles for the decoration of houses.

You can also start a candle making business and make a variety of candles like Birthday Party Candle, Couple Love Candle, Festivals Candle, Decorative Candle, etc.

30. Florist

This business is suitable for women who love nature and grow colorful flowers. The business of flowers is done in large quantities in India. If you have enough space to grow flowers, then you can start the cultivation of flowers at that place and start the business of flowers which are more in demand.

There is a lot of demand for flowers in many festivals, worship, weddings, ceremonies, ceremonies, religious places, etc. in India.

31. Disposable Plates, Cups, and Crockery

There is a party, picnic, small events, etc. Going on throughout the year. In these small events, the host doesn't alert for things like metal or ceramic plates, spoons, forks, glass.

Besides, they rely on plates of plastic and Styrofoam, cups, spoons, glasses, etc. And they serve food to their guests. As they are cheap and good quality disposals and do not need to be washed. Disposable plates and cups made of paper have also become common, which are mostly used.

Most street food vendors use paper cup disposals only. Disposable plates, cups, glasses, spoons, etc. Are always in great demand. If you start a manufacturing unit of these small products, in no time you will start getting a good response and your income will increase.

32.  Grocery Store Business

If you want to start your business in a small town, a grocery store is one of the most profitable businesses, a grocery store where all daily household items are traded, the investment in this business is high and the biggest customer market. From here you can make a very good income.

If there is already a grocery shop near you, then you have to give good service to your customer from them, your business model should be better than your competitors, only then you will be able to make your place in that market.
For this, you have to take care of some of the following things:

  • Provide good quality goods to the customer
  • Ask the customer about their suggestion and complaint
  • Provide online ordering and timely delivery
  • Notify people about items at your grocery store
  • The most important thing is that your customers are satisfied
  • Build your customer market with advertisements and offers
To have a good and successful grocery store business, you will need to work hard and keep in mind all the important government guidelines.

33.  Food Truck Business

Food truck business can be started in a small town or village near the cities, you can earn a lot of money by serving different types of dishes to people at reasonable prices. For this type of business, you must have skilled cooking artisans.

Food truck business is a bit tricky because in this you have to customize the vehicle according to your needs and you also have to prepare the dishes, the investment in this business is high but you can do a lot of money.

  • Do not worry for the initial criticisms
  • Work well and keep trying to succeed
  • Know the market before starting a food truck
  • Sell only good quality dishes

34. Multimedia Institute Business

Small cities lack multimedia institutions and children have to move to other cities to learn. If you start a multimedia institute in small towns or villages, it will help you succeed and you can educate other students.

For multimedia institute, you will have to invest some money and also have skilled teachers so that people will have confidence in your business, for this business you have to get recognition from the government.

Encourage students to teach skills so that they are willing to come to your institute for that you will have to work hard and be patient.

  • Select the appropriate place for the institute
  • Hire skilled teachers
  • Create an attractive course package
  • Focus more on marketing your organization

35. Tissue Paper Making Unit

The business of making tissue paper is quite different and its market is also quite large. With an automated machine and raw materials you can start this business, but to make tissue paper you need to know how to make it.
Tissue paper is used everywhere, people also use it in their homes. Tissue paper is used more abroad and its consumption is also more abroad.


In today's article, you told about 35 Low Investment Business With High-Profit Potential, out of which you can start a business according to yourself. To start a low-cost business, you can do business with very little capital investment. This article will guide you to do small business.

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