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Top 17 Small Automobile Business Ideas to start in 2020

Best 17 Automobile Business Ideas to start in 2020

Automobile related industries are always in demand. Whenever we buy a new vehicle, spare parts are required after some time to maintain it. In the coming time, demand for electric vehicles will be seen in the market.

The automobile business is witnessing rapid growth. Everybody desires a vehicle for themselves. People are emphasizing more on using their vehicles to avoid public vehicle congestion.

If you are looking for businesses related to the automobile industry, in today's article I will share with you a list of businesses related to the automobile sector. Here are some profitable business ideas that can help you start your business.

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Top 17 Small Automobile Business Ideas to start in 2020

Best 17 Automobile Business Ideas

01. Buy and Sell Used Cars

Buying and selling old cars This business is done in a large number in India. The market for second-hand cars is quite widespread in India. Starting this business from a business point of view is quite simple, all you have to do is open your shop in a place where you can interact with customers.

It does not require much capital investment to start this business. This business is entirely based on commission. You can also earn high profits by buying an old car at a lower price from the customer and selling it to another customer.

02. Start an Oil Change & Servicing

If the vehicle is not maintained on time, it can go bad, so to keep the vehicle running smoothly, oil change and service are required from time to time, which improves the life of the vehicle. The number of vehicles in big cities is increasing day by day.

In such a situation, the demand for service stations has seen a great boom, thus if you can change the oil and start a service-related business. If you do not know much about this business, then you can hire some skilled mechanic, and start this business. This vehicle-related business can prove to be profitable for you, although it demands some capital investment.

03. Vehicle Battery Dealer

You can easily start the business of selling vehicle batteries. You can become a battery vendor. For this, you will need some capital investment as you will have to make all kinds of two-wheeler and four-wheelers available for sale at your shop. If you can invest some more capital, then you can start a business by taking a dealership of a particular brand.

04. Dent Removal Services

Whether it is a two-wheeler or a car, it gets a dent, so that it does not look good and reduces the beauty of the car. When it comes to big cities, it is common for a car to be dented. If you start a dental removal service then it will be a profitable business for you.

In dent removal service, your task is to remove or repair the dent, so that the vehicle looks as new as before. You can start this service at a small shop, just you have to have some skilled mechanic. This business comes with some capital investment, as you have to buy all the necessary equipment.

05. Car Wash Station

This business is included in the list of the simplest and highest profitable business. This automobile business idea demands moderate capital investment. For this, you need enough space, where you will start this business. You have to fulfill the requirement of all modern appliances used in washing the car. You can hire a few people to start a car wash business.

06. Wheel Alignment Garage

Wheel Alignment Business that you can start to earn your income. If the wheel alignment of the wheels of the vehicle is not on time then it causes trouble in moving, hence a vehicle needs to have a wheel alignment done from time to time.

You can start this business with the help of some mechanics, for which you will need a well-organized place. This business is done entirely with the help of machines and computers. To start this business you need low capital investment. If you start it on a large scale, you will need manpower.

07. Car Customization Shop

When many people buy a car, they make some changes in the car according to their choice, which is also called Car Customization. This business is very popular. Many people make various changes in the exterior of the car, which makes their car look very attractive, for which they are ready to spend a lot of money.

This business is mainly in high demand in big cities, and to start it you will have to invest a lot of money, as you will have to provide accessories for almost all types of cars.

08. Sell Automobile Spare Part

Whenever a vehicle comes for sale in the market, its spare parts are also available in the market. Whenever a vehicle malfunctions, spare parts are required to repair the vehicle. If you are aware of spare parts of vehicles, then you can earn a decent income every month by becoming a seller of spare parts. 

09. vehicle Insurance Business

Any vehicle requires insurance, which is compulsory for every vehicle owner under a government process. You can become an auto insurance agent and provide insurance service to customers. You can start your own shop by becoming an agent with the insurance company. You can earn a decent profit on each insurance.

10. Vehicle Towing Service

Vehicle towing services are required whenever a vehicle breaks down on the road or crashes for some reason. There are many types of vehicle towing services such as towing vehicles for crashed vehicles, towing vehicles for non-damaged vehicles, breakdown vehicles, etc., all of these require different types of towing vehicles. If you start a vehicle towing services business, then you have to provide fast service to the customers at a reasonable price, so that you have a good customer base.

11. Start a Mobile Mechanic Services

A mobile mechanic is required for on-road vehicle repair. To start this business you need a trained mechanic and a vehicle plus manpower. Your vehicle must have all the necessary equipment. If you complete all these things, then you can start a mobile mechanic service. For this business, you do not need to hire a shop in a particular place.

12. Motorbike Dealership

To start a Motorbike Dealership business you need to invest a lot of capital. You can start a business with a franchise from any popular two-wheeler brand. For this, you are trained by the company, which acts as a guide for you to do business.

If you cannot invest more capital, then you can start working by becoming a second-hand motorbike dealer. In this business, you can make a good commission by buying and selling old motorbikes.

13. Car Renting Services

In this business, you will need a lot of capital investment, however as your business grows, your income will also increase and you can start renting more cars. In this type of business, you have to take special care of the rules related to all vehicles made by the government. This business can be started after completing all vehicle regulations.

It would be a profitable move to start this business while staying in a densely populated place. If you come to a place where a large number of people come to visit, then in such a situation your car rental business can give you a good amount of money.

14. Car Driving School Business

A driving license is obtained when we are of adult age in India.

Prior to this, many people have to attend a good car training school to learn so that they have the ability to drive.

For car training, you can start by investing the following capital and you can demand a reasonable fee from your customers for car training.

Your car training school should be as per government guidelines and norms.

Before starting a driving school, you must have a registration number certificate obtained from the government, and you must also take special care of road safety standards.

15. Car Accessories Shop

The Car Accessories business is lucrative. You can start a variety of attractive car accessories shops for cars, where you can sell the following items, car cover, seat cover, air freshener, charger, cable, fancy lights, etc. If you start this business with more attractive Car Accessories then it is going to be a profitable business for you.

16. Tire Retail Trade Store

Starting a Tire store business will be a profitable business for you, as every vehicle has to change its wheels from time to time so that the vehicle will not survive any damage. You can start a tire store, which you can start with Franchisee with the tire brand of a company. It demands a high investment. You can start it at some busy place.

17. Vehicle Review Blogging

Starting vehicle review blogging will also be the best way to earn money from home. When all people consider buying any vehicle, they read many blogs to review it, so that their problems can be solved.

If you are interested in vehicles, and you like to keep yourself updated on new technologies, then you can start a vehicle review blog.


This article explains about Automobile Business Ideas. This article is going to be very important for those who are looking for vehicles related businesses. If you have a passion for vehicles and want to start a business related to it, then you have to read the businesses mentioned in this article.

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