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12 Attractive Business Ideas Under 5 Lakhs In India 2020

12 Attractive Business Ideas Under 5 Lakhs In India

Everyone dreams of starting their own business, but many turn away from the idea of ​​starting a business due to a lack of capital. Today's article will share information about business ideas to be started with an investment of Rs 5 lakh.

If you have a good business idea, and the right strategy to implement it, you can make a profit by succeeding in your business. Starting a business in India does not require much capital. Today, in this article, we will discuss the business to be started in low capital.

For those who are looking for business ideas with an investment of up to Rs 5 lakh, then this article will give you the right guidance with which you can set up your business. All these business ideas will help you earn the right profit.

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 12 Attractive Business Ideas Under 5 Lakhs In India

Business Ideas Under 5 Lakhs In India

01. Water Purification Units 
This is an easy-to-launch business idea. As everyone knows, due to lack of clean water, many health-related problems are caused by people. By starting this business, you can get people clean water so that they can consume clean water.

The market is huge for you, almost every household needs a water purification unit. You can start your own manufacturing unit, where you can assemble and provide a water purification unit according to the need of the people.

If you get your business certified, you can win the trust of customers, and you can reach more customers. You can target many types of people. You can give your convenience in residential places, you can get orders to install water purification units in industrial offices.

02. Open a Gadget Store (Servicing and Repairing)

As everyone knows, this era is a completely digital age, and everyone has now joined the era of digitization. In the growing digital age, the demand for gadgets has increased a lot. Everyone has electronic items such as laptops, computers, smartphones, music systems, etc.

If you start an electronic gadget store business with all these items, it will be a means for you to earn a good profit. The demand for gadgets is increasing rapidly. You can also sell online gadgets by becoming a seller with online e-learning sites.

At your store, you can offer the repair and service of these gadgets to your customers, for which you can hire skilled technical craftsmen, and for repairing you can get a good price from the customer. The idea is most attractive for starting a business with Rs 5 lakh.

03. Start Delivery Services

You do not need a lot of investment to start a delivery services business. In a delivery service, you can offer many types of services like food delivery, delivery of goods, delivery of groceries, etc. 

First of all, start a business with this kind of delivery service at the places near you. You have to invest money on fuel and vehicle. Make sure to register your business so that you can win the trust of customers. Grow your business after some time and for this, you can hire manpower. In today's time, everything is available online, so you can consider starting this business.

04. Setting Up Online selling Stores

Starting an online store is one of the best and easiest business ideas, it is not only an inexpensive process but an extremely in-demand business. According to your interest, you can create a category of products, which you can make for sale by creating an online e-commerce store.

All you have to do is build a website and you can do it easily with the help of online platform WIX, WordPress. When your website is ready then you can display the list of products for sale on the website.

You can sell your physical handmade products, or you can start selling products online in bulk by taking the product. This will be the simplest and best means of earning a decent amount for you, as most people prefer to shop online.

You can start this business from your home. See this article on how to start an online store.

05. Fitness Centre

If you live a fit life, then you stay away from many diseases. Staying fit and living a healthy life gives you many benefits such as you are mentally strong, avoid illness, do not have stress, etc. This year has been a very bad experience for everyone due to the coronavirus epidemic.

But in this era, people are taking themselves towards a healthy lifestyle, for which they are resorting to yoga and fitness centers like the gym. You can start a fitness center business, which can give you attractive returns after a short time. People are spending a lot of money on their health, and starting a fitness center at such a time would be the right idea.

You can hire some good trainers, who will guide people according to their requirements. Note here that you will have to spend some money on marketing of this business as well so that you can establish your business well in the market.

06. Home Maintenance Service

Servicing is required to maintain domestic property as well as commercial property. In this business model, you can provide maintenance services for domestic and commercial property. You can take contracts every year, for which you can charge a decent price. Market your business properly, so that you have a good customer base.

You can provide many types of maintenance services such as spraying pesticides, cleaning, carpenter, electrical, paint, etc. For this, you can make a team of some skilled people and start taking contracts. The more customers are satisfied with your service, the higher your profit will be. You can also order online.

07. Disposable Cups & Plates Manufacturing

Disposable cups and plates are demanded in India at all events, be it a birthday, party, family event, or any other event, all of which require mainly disposal cups and plates. Starting a disposable cup and plates business would be a widespread business idea.

You can start this business according to market demand. You can start by installing the unit at home. You only have to invest capital on machinery and raw materials, after a little training you can learn this work.

To develop your business, you can hire manpower, set up a large unit, so that you can make a good profit. Build a customer base for yourself, market the business properly, and produce appropriate quality merchandise. It is a high demand business.

08. Pest Control unit

People do all kinds of measures in their homes, but still spoil the expensive things of their house by insects, termites, cockroaches, cockroaches, etc., which often cause great damage to the house. In such a situation, people take the help of people who work in Pest Control to avoid these problems.

Pest control business is a low capital business. You will need chemical sprays and medicines to prevent pests, for this you can gather information from the internet. You can also offer your services to homes and offices etc. from where you can earn a good profit.

09. Food salad business

You do not need a lot of space to start a food salad business. You can start this business from home. This business demands very little capital investment. You only have to invest in vegetables, spices, fruits, packaged goods, which is your initial investment.

This business will be best for women. You can make better dishes available to your customers by using different types of salads. People like salads quite a lot, most people eat salads with food. 

Once your salad business begins to grow, you can get online or online orders for your business by creating a website. To take it to a large level, you can invest capital and rent a big place and set up your salad restaurant. It is a lucrative and easy-to-start business. All you have to do is to make quality salad according to the customers' preference, which is beneficial for their health.

10. Open a Clothing Store

The clothing business is the most sought after business. People shop for clothes for every festival, wedding, function, travel, etc. in India. Therefore it will be a profitable business idea. This business can be started easily with an investment of 5 lakh rupees.

You can start a special category clothing store, like children's clothing, adult clothing, women's clothing. By doing business of textiles of a particular category, you will easily create a base of target customers. You can also start a clothing store with a Franchisee of a brand.

11. Clothing Rental Business

The business idea of ​​renting clothes is a profitable deal. Many people rent clothes for festivals, weddings, events, school functions, etc., and pay rent when their needs are met. You can also consider starting this business.

You can start renting wedding lehengas, dresses, fancy dress for children's school functions, etc. In this business, you have to make more initial investment, and you have to spend capital on marketing the business. Once your business starts running smoothly, then you can make a significant income from it.

12. Departmental Stores

A place where you can get all the necessities of the house. Can start a store of groceries, food products, items used in daily life, etc. It is a popular business idea, which has always been in demand. To start this business you need a large space.

This business demands more capital investment, but after some time will give you good returns and profits. This business can be run for a long period. In the initial time, you can attract customers by making attractive offers, which will also market your business and build a customer base.


In today's article, ideas about Business Ideas Under 5 Lakhs have been shared. This will complete the search for people who search for ideas to start their business in India with Rs 5 lakh. All these attractive business ideas are a golden opportunity for you to earn your income. In 2020, you can start establishing your business and become a successful business in the future.

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