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Best 20 Online Jobs For Students in Home

Best 20 Online Jobs For Students At Home 

Many people have lost their jobs in the wake of the Corona epidemic, and there has been a lot of research on how to earn money by working online from home in this disaster. There are many opportunities for online jobs from which students can earn money by working from home.

In today's article, you will get a lot of good ideas for online jobs for students, from which you can easily meet your expenses. If you start an online job to meet your expenses, after some time you can change it in your career.

In today's article, I will share a list of some of the online jobs done in India. All these jobs give you the freedom to work from home, in which you can set working hours according to your time.

This article complements students' search for online job opportunities from home. If you are a student and looking for online job opportunities, then this article is going to be useful for you.

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Best 20 Online Jobs For Students in Home

Online Jobs For Students From Home

01. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the largest means of entertainment on the Internet through video.

YouTube now not only entertains but also offers many earning opportunities. Many successful YouTubers are earning millions of rupees a month from their videos. Starting your channel and earning money on YouTube is now a simple process.

You can make videos on YouTube on any topic that interests you. Find your interest and start your channel on YouTube. Keep in mind that YouTube's earnings depend on your audience and your customers.

Read this article to learn how to earn money from YouTube.

02. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best tools for students that can be started at home. You can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing every month by doing an online job, although you will have to work hard in the initial stages.

If you are a blogger then you can start affiliate marketing through your blog. There are many large platforms and companies that allow you to join affiliate programs, and with these programs, the Sign Sub-process is quite simple and free.

You do not need any kind of capital investment to start affiliate marketing. In affiliate programs, you earn money through a commission by selling products of other companies. Your commission is determined by the category of products you sell. 

03. Do Content Writing

For students who have good skills in the field of writing, content writing online jobs is a very good idea to earn their extra income. There are many good sites on the Internet from where you can create a client for freelance content writing.

You can design the content according to the client's demand, and meet the client's requirements. You can decide the price according to the material. You can ask to be charged at the rate of per hour.

To make money from content writing, students should like writing the most important. With good quality writing, you can create many clients. There is always a demand for a good content writer, who is paid fairly well by companies and clients.

Here are some important websites from which you can find clients for content writing:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr

04. Graphics Designing

This job requires your creative skills and a good computer and Internet. If you know graphic design, then you can easily start it from home and create an online client. If you lack training, you can learn graphic design online.

The more creative you are, the more benefit you will get in this field. You can create home clients through websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr. You can design according to your client's needs.

As a designer, you can do many things such as logo design, brochure making, banner design, visiting card design, infographic design, children's book design, etc. You can increase your income by doing tasks.

To do all these tasks, you have to have good training, so that you can make good content and provide it to your clients, and get the right price. Your earnings in graphic design are based on the tasks given to you.

Website for getting designer's online job:

  • 99 Design
  • Freelancer
  • Design Crowd
  • Upwork

05. Earn Money Online Through Blogging

As a student you can start your career, it is a good earning for you, however, to succeed in blogging, hard work is required. After you become a successful blogger, you will earn very well.

Initially, you can start blogging as a part-time, but after some time you can become a blogger as your full-time career. Creating a blog is a simple process and you can start it for free or with very little investment.

Create your blog according to whatever topic or area you are interested in. Like you can start blog writing on health, health, food, travel, ways to earn money, and more.

How much you earn in blogging depends on the traffic coming to your blog. Create high-quality writing material to display on the blog, so that your audience can easily solve their problems.

Blogging takes time to succeed, so you will need to be very patient.

06. Transcription Jobs

Medical transcription jobs are one of the online jobs of students in India, which are easily found by students. All you have to do is complete a registration process with the medical transcription service provider.

This job is best for medicine students, but other students can also do it. You can apply for these jobs on online job provider websites, and start earning a decent income for yourself.

07. Data Entry Online Jobs

Data entry online jobs are not new, but it is one of the easiest and easiest jobs. If you are a student and understand the computer then you can start an online data entry job. This will be an additional source of income for you, which will enable you to meet your financial expenses.

For data entry online jobs, you can get clients from the website given below, you can get paid at the hourly rate.

The following are the types of data entry tasks:

  • Formatting files correctly with the help of MS Word and MS Excel is also called data entry.
  • Copy and paste.
  • Inserting and tracking data in Excel.

Online data entry work saves you time and also helps you pay the price on time. With the help of the Internet, it has become easier to do such work.

08. Become an Online Tutor

An online tutor is a type of online job that you can start from home with the help of your laptop or computer. In the Corona epidemic, most of the children are studying online at home, so the demand for an online tutor has increased considerably.

There is much software, through which you can connect with many students at a time, and teach them. There are many websites on the Internet, where you can apply to become an online tutor, if your application is accepted, you can make money at an hourly rate by educating other students in the form of an online tutor.

You can charge a fee based on the subject you teach.

09. Become a Logo Designer 

An attractive logo makes your business recognized worldwide. Whenever a person starts a business, they demand an attractive logo for the brand name of their business. As a logo designer, you can start working online from home and earn a decent amount.

With the online platform fiver, you can find customers, or work for them. To become a logo designer you need to be quite creative. First of all, prepare your portfolio by creating some attractive logos so that you can attract customers. You can earn good money by designing the logo according to the requirement of the customers. As a student, you can try your hand in the field of logo designing.

10. Website Development

An attractive website is required to reach your business worldwide. A website simplifies a business location and transactions for a company and customer. Many businessmen search the Internet to get professional help to create a responsive website for their business.

Students who know website design techniques, and are looking for earning opportunities at home, you can make money by creating websites for businesses with the help of online platforms.

If you do not know how to build a website, there are many mediums on the Internet with the help of which you can learn the process of creating a website. With the help of online tutorials, you can learn how to create a functional website and how to create a website for your client.

For website design, you should have special knowledge about some technical programming languages.

11. Amazon Flex Program

It is a program run by Amazon, Amazon here offers a variety of online jobs. This Amazon Flex program is best suited for students looking for work online from home. You can earn from 100 to 150 rupees per hour.

To get started, you have to connect to the Amazon website, if you are selected for this program, you can work for hours in a day. This will be a good source of additional income for you.

12. Become System Administrator

This work will be suitable for students who have good knowledge of networking and hardware. If you can do this work, then you can start the job by applying online for system administrator positions. You can also do this job as part-time work, it will help make your extra income.

13. Product Testing Jobs For Student

As an online product tester, you can earn a lot of money. As a product tester, you can have various tasks like testing various types of apps, software, computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. You have to test these products along with the ease of use of these products as well as the features and glitches.

14. Selling Great Photos

The hobby of photography allows you to earn money online. Yes, trust me, money is also earned by selling photos, and many people are doing so as well. Your photos should be of good quality that attracts people to them.

If you are a student and are looking for online job opportunities then this is a golden opportunity for you. With the help of such various platforms on the Internet, you can start making money by selling your photos. Some of the most popular websites exist on the Internet, where you can sell pictures taken.

15. Social Media Manager

Social media is a great opportunity for students to make money by working from home. Social media marketing is a good tool for businesses and companies to market their products. As a student, if you have a good knowledge of using social media platforms, you can work online as a social media manager.

As a social media manager, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining social media platforms that companies already develop themselves and further develop them.
  • Promote brands and products and campaign on social media.
  • Construct a good strategy to attract new customers and retain old customers.
  • Attractively written content and visual content and industry trends need to be maintained.

Websites where you can find online social media manager jobs:
  • Upwork
  • Linkedin
  • Freelancer

The more experience you have of working as a social media manager, the more you will be able to earn online. You can also earn per hour.

16. SEO Expert Job

If you are a college student or go to school, you can still start an SEO specialist online job, for this you must be well aware of SEO.

If a blog or website is started for commercial reasons, then there is a need to increase traffic to the website. The more traffic the site gets, the more you earn. The job of an SEO expert is to increase website traffic.

Your job as an SEO expert is to get a website and blog to the first page in search engines (Google). If you want to earn money from a website or blog, then SEO experts will be needed to get your website to the first page of the search engine who help you in this work.

17. Flip Domain Names

This business is done entirely online. The flip domain name business has become quite popular these days. This is a golden opportunity for students to make extra income, all you have to do is buy and keep a cheap and good domain name and when the time comes, you can sell that domain to the needy company or person. You can also bid for domain sales.

18. Online Product Selling

You can do this work very well while sitting at home. As a student, you can start making money by selling goods online at your convenience. It is also in trend nowadays, many students are making additional income for themselves by selling goods online.

You can sell many types of goods such as mobile accessories, clothes, boy's accessories, home products, beauty products, etc. You can start selling products online. There are many main online sales websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. which you can go with.

19. Stock Market Trading

If you are a student, then you should start with a small investment of Rs 5,000 in the stock market. Putting money in the stock market can give you long-term profit, if you are investing money in the stock for the first time, then you should have a good knowledge of the market which stocks will benefit you well.

There is a change in the stock market all the time, so before investing in the stock market, gather all the necessary information.

The stock market has made many people successful, but if you do not know, then you should avoid investing. Many people come to the talk of other people and invest money in the stock market and they lose their money. Therefore, information is important before investing.

20. Language Translation Services

If you have knowledge of more than one language and can speak and write the language, then you can do an online job as an online language translation. Many large companies require translators to complete their work, and this can prove to be a decent earning opportunity for you.


In this article, I shared information about online jobs for students at home. These ideas for students to work from home and earn money are a means to earn your extra income. This article is going to be important for students who are looking for online earning opportunities.

If you liked the information given by me, then comment me below with your thoughts, and share this article on other social media platforms.

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