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12 profitable Business Ideas Under 2 Lakhs in India

Top 12 Profitable Business Ideas Under 2 Lakh Investment in India

Many people dream of doing their business, but many people are unable to start a business due to a lack of investment. People are taking steps to make India self-reliant, and are creating employment for others along with themselves.

Today we will share some such business ideas that you can start with Rs 2 lakh. This article is important for those who are searching for ideas to start their business with an investment of Rs 2 lakh.

There are also some business ideas in this article, which you can start by investing less capital and make money. Starting your business from a small level, you can become a big businessman, all you have to do is start with your full dedication and hard work.

Here you will get to know some beneficial business ideas through which you can start your own business and earn a good profit. If you want to know business ideas with an investment of up to Rs 2 lakh, then please read this article completely.

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12 profitable Business Ideas Under 2 Lakhs in India

Business Ideas Under 2 Lakh 

01. Start a Car Driving School

Starting a car driving school is profitable and always in demand business. You can start this business in any state of India. Investment capital is low. You can start a business by buying a car in installments. At the beginning of the business, you can target more customers with fewer profits.

To develop a business, you have to spend some capital on marketing it, so that you can reach more customers. If you are not able to buy a new car, you can start a car driving school in an old car.

With a cheap and nice small car, you can easily start this business and earn a good income every month.

While starting a car driving school, you have to pay attention to some important things which are mentioned below:

Registration: You must legally have your business recognized by the government. In the state where you are starting a business, you have to get a license to run a driving school from the state government. If you meet all the guidelines made by the government, then you can run your business without any legal hindrance.

Used car usage: You can start with an older car that is available for less than 2 lakh cars like Alto, WagonR, Santro, etc. You need to pay attention to the power steering in your car which will be easy to use for your customer.

Office: You can rent a shop where you can interact with your customers.

Skilled Driver: You have to keep in mind that you have a skilled driver who has knowledge of traffic rules, who will teach your customers how to drive a car under all rules.

02. E-Rickshaw business (Battery Rickshaw)

The E-rickshaw business in metro cities has been growing very fast in the past few times and it is very easy and easy to start this business with only 2 lakh rupees you can start it. It can give you a good income every month.

This business has moved from cities to towns and villages. Many people have joined this business and are making good money. If you cannot run E-rickshaw on your own, then you can run E-rickshaw daily.

The E-rickshaw business in India is good and lucrative. You can start it according to full time or part-time. This will be your source of additional earnings. Such E-rickshaw is in high demand in busy market places.

03. Start a Fast Food Restaurant

It is sensible to start a fast-food restaurant corner in big cities, you can make thousands to millions of rupees every month if your business is in a place where the market and educational institutions are nearby.

If students are your customers then you can make a good income. Fast Food Restaurant Corner requires you to have skilled craftsmen to make a variety of good and tasty dishes.

You can make Fast Food Restaurant in a small place, for this, you do not need a very big space. In big cities, you will get to see a fast-food restaurant corner, which you can start with a minimum investment of 2 lakhs.

To start a fast food restaurant corner, you need to look at some basics:

  • For this, you will need a small and busy place where people move
  • You have to get a license for your fast food restaurant from the fire department
  • Set a reasonable price to compete with your competitors
  • To make the dishes delicious, you must have skilled craftsmen.
  • Most importantly, you have to take full care of Indian food safety standards.

04. Tea / Coffee Stall

The tea and coffee business is growing very fast in major cities, such stalls are found everywhere and it is becoming a means of making a good side income.
There are also a large number of offices in metro cities, tea stalls are available outside offices and are earning well.

You can also start a smart and clean stall and build your property.

You can also keep healthy foods at your stall, which will get more customers, and through an app, you can also receive tea/coffee orders.

In recent times, many start-ups have also joined the tea business and have now become a brand.

If you start this business near the IT hub and other offices or markets, then you can earn thousands of rupees per day.

05. Bakery Shop

The bakery business is also seen in large numbers in small towns and there is a lot of competition in this business, yet if you fully believe that you can make money by starting a successful bakery business, you can start the bakery business, incorporate good quality baked goods into your business, and take a different approach from your competitors so that you can make more customers.

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Understand the market demand, know the customer's choice, and choose the appropriate location for your bakery store.
  • If you do not know how to make bakery related products, then you should hire a good professional baker.
  • Assess all the tools required and make a list of all the things, understand the investment to be made in them.
  • Market your business well and connect your business with more customers.

If you are fully confident that you can succeed in the bakery business, then you should start this business otherwise you must first gather a good knowledge about this business.

06. Selling Mobile Phone Accessories Online

Nowadays everything is easily available through online medium no matter where you live in India. There are many big online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc., from which online shopping of crores of rupees is done every day. Sales of mobile accessories are increasing day by day.

If you are starting a business of selling mobile accessories, then for 2 lakh rupees you can easily start this business, and start selling by joining these online platforms.

To join these platforms, you have to become a vendor, which is part of a simple process. You must have your current account and business registration. If you have all these things, then you can start selling by creating your online store in a single day.

Mobile phone accessories are among the most bought and sold products. To start an online store you need to know the following:

You can buy mobile accessories from the wholesale market at an affordable price and sell them at the online store, or order them in bulk from a salesman at a cheaper rate.

It is necessary to register your store, plus you have to have a current bank account.

Display attractive pictures of your products, so that you attract customers.

07. Jute Bags Business

Because of the damage to the environment, plastic bags have been banned in India, so that the environment can be saved. In such a situation, the usage of Jute bags is increasing every day. It is included in the list of for-profit businesses and is a long-running business.

This business can be started with a capital investment of 2 lakhs. Jute bags making machine will be easily available to you for 50000 rupees so that you can start production. You do not need to invest much capital in raw materials to make it.

You can also start the Jute bags business from home with the help of employees with just some training, and start selling in your local market. Once you get success in this business, then you can increase your business by renting a big place, which will increase your production and increase your earnings.

08. Start Seasonal Business

India is a country of festivals and all kinds of people live here, so there are festivals from time to time. Starting a seasonal business in India would be a beneficial idea. You can earn money by selling goods for different types of festivals celebrated in India.

You do not need to invest a lot of capital to start seasonal trading, you can start seasonal trades with less capital. In such seasonal businesses, you can earn a good profit.

Seasonal business is perfect for individuals searching for the idea of ​​small business. In such businesses you can earn money by targeting all kinds of festivals celebrated in India. Seasonal business can also be started by the women of the household.

You can make money by targeting lots of festivals such as seasonal festivals, colors on Holi, pitchers, Holi clothes, decorations, decorative items on Diwali, lights, gifts, Christmas decorations, etc.

09. Custom Gift Making Store

Every person in India presents invaluable gifts to their loved ones on any occasion, birthday, etc., by which they express their happiness and love. The list of such gifts is very long, for example, platinum chains, photo frames, decorative items, home decorating items, etc.

Many people also get gifts customized according to their needs and choice, which makes them attractive to look at. You can start a shop with such custom gifts.

With an investment of Rs 2 lakh, you can build a good shop. You can creatively sell paintings, custom photos, glass, cups, or other equipment and sell them for good profits.

10. Cleaning Business

The cleaning business is included in the list of businesses with low capital investment. The cleaning business has been in demand for a long time. You can start providing cleaning services, there is a special demand for cleaning staff in most places like office and accommodation. You can start your business with expertise in a specific type of cleaning.

For this, you have to invest a few rupees in cleaning equipment and their maintenance, if you have a skilled staff then you can serve many customers in a day, it will be a good source of income for you, it will help you Profits will also be good.

You will need a good office to run your business. You can start this business with a capital investment of Rs 2 lakh. You can earn good profits by offering your services in big cities.

11. Tiffin Service (Meal)

These days the trend of tiffin service is increasing in big cities and women can start this business from home too and investment in it is very less. In most major cities, children come from other cities to study, so they enlist the help of Tiffin Services to obtain home-flavored meals. This business has low investment and high earning opportunities.

It does not require much labor force to run this business, as this food is cheaper than a restaurant, so you can have a good customer base from which you can earn good profits per month.

There is always a demand for homemade food, as it suits our health. If you want to start a business with less than Rs 2 lakh capital investment, then Tiffin's service is the most suitable business idea for you.

12. Drive Cab with Ola/Uber

Major transport companies Ola / Uber are seen in every major city these days. Everyone uses this service, it has simplified the traffic of every person. With just one app, you can call a cab sitting at your place at home.

If you want to start a business with these cab service companies, you can buy a good second-hand car at a low price in the beginning, and you can make money by renting it to a skilled driver or you can own it. Can operate.

By registering with companies, you can connect with them and start making money. In this business, you work with hard work and dedication every day, so after some time you can also own many cars, this will also create employment for other people.


In today's article, I shared some thoughts about 12 profitable business ideas under 2 Lakhs in India. All these businesses will help you in making good profits. If you want to start your business with a capital investment of up to 2 lakhs only, then this article is going to be a guide for you.

Comment below and send me your thoughts about how I felt the business ideas I mentioned, and share this article on your social media.


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